Day #55 Chapter Preview: 1st Novel

Just 55 days left for me to do my final edits and submit to my publisher, and the first EVER preview of the first 2 and a bit chapters of my 1st book, are here just for you  to read and enjoy. This is a draft version, I hope you enjoy, and if you do don’t forget to share it, subscribe to the blog for updates and re tweet it!  You can see some reader feedback I’ve had already by clicking here. If you read and enjoy send me your thoughts, if you’re on Twitter tweet me, place a comment below or email me via the contact Kim page.


K x

Click the link below to download

Chapter Preview by Kim Knight Final Master

14 thoughts on “Day #55 Chapter Preview: 1st Novel

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  2. Hi Kim, I read enjoyed reading the sample chapters of your new novel.

    This is a very powerful and impactful piece about the breakdown of a marriage and the way it can affect a woman’s mental health. I particularly liked the depth you gave your protagonist, which allowed the reader to get into her head and understand her plight and struggles on a deeper level. I felt connected to her, and as a woman in my early 30s too, I could partially identify with her story. Very well done! Look forward to reading the rest of your novel. I will look out for updates.

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  3. Hi Kim, I finally managed to read the first two and a bit chapters of your book. It has such a real feel although it’s a novel. There are many feelings/sentiments that Kate feels that many a woman can relate too. It has a great introduction and I am looking forward to the official release to hear about Nicholas and the joys of Marseille. Thanks much for sharing your great writing skill. DJJ1 xxx


  4. Dear Kim,

    I would like to thank you for sharing this exclusive preview of the early chapters from your book.

    It was a pleasure reading through them.

    I always like a story around human relationships – the beautiful and then the not-so-beautiful aspects. And in these two and a half chapters I read, you seem to have mastered that art. The pain and the agony of Kate one gets to see in the first chapter is very real. You use situations that I am sure your readers will relate to. You show how our vain ego eats into our relationships. You show how in our everyday life, we start taking our partners fr granted. How the romance and the magic go missing. And how, even special days like the New Year or the Valentine’s Day start losing their significance, and partners walk dispassionately down our own paths. At the end of the day, it’s not spouses who are in conflict, but we give in to our own inner demons. And you bring that out brilliantly. I love the easy, lucid, freeflowing language. Especially, when your characters speak straight from the heart in their candid letters.

    And then, in the second portion, I love the French holiday! You are spot on with your description and I found myself transported to that nice sunny world. The narration of the events that Sunday night inside the club is perfect. Very sensuous! Your characters start looking looking hot, mysterious, and I can’t wait to find out what happens on Kate’s date night. And the way you skillfully change the mood of the story in these two chapters is wonderful. I was in that journey with Kate myself!

    Best wishes for your novel. Can’t wait to read all of it!

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