Kim’s Book Review: Trail Of Sins

JoyceHey guys, so you all know I’m a massive fan of the romance genre as a reader as well as writer, especially the sub genres of suspense and thriller with romance. I was lucky enough to get a free copy of Trail of Sins by Joyce Mcarthy  an erotic- thriller author. Her book was released earlier this year, and is available on Amazon. I read it and really enjoyed it here’s why:

Trail of Sins is described as “an erotic thriller in a corporate setting with a strong element of suspense and a powerful undercurrent of selfless love.”  There is a huge element of erotic-ness in this book, and I’d rate that  5 stars for the journey you’re  on as a reader in terms of erotic-ness. The author clearly knows how to write this style well, and  place in a reader’s mind a vision of what is taking place between characters, in this respect. I’m not talking 50 Shades of Grey (the book not movie) – soft erotic, I’m talking erotic scenes! If you enjoy this kind of journey and read, this is one for you. I said this to Ms Mcarthy already ” I wish I could write like that!” Meaning,  I don’t (personally feel)  brave enough or skilled in  very erotic writing… I totally clam up so well done and my hat is off to her for Trail of Sins.

While reading I did feel like I was on a journey, trying to find out why things are happening to the main Hero.  I really enjoyed the element of suspense/thrill I was taken on while reading. The ending I never saw coming, and that to me is also a good sign of story telling and writing (as a reader) it was a great twist. I was gripped, could not foresee the future, and surprised by the ending.

The characters I found them pretty 3D, I was able to build in my mind an impression of what the main hero is like as a man, and even make up my mind whether I liked him as a man or not. To me, as a reader (not a writer)  if I ever experience this in a book -being able to imagine a character, and make up my mind about them, if I’m on their side or not is a sign of good writing as the author/writer has given me enough to work with in my imagination.

I enjoyed this ride a lot- trust me there’s a lot of riding *wink

So in summary:

Erotic rating  5/5 stars whooo!

Suspense/thrill rating 4.5 stars yeah baby! Did not see that coming.

Character development rating 4.5 – I would have loved a more detailed description of what the characters look like, (all of them) as they are such sexy people. But this does not take away anything from the story or enjoyment it’s just me as a reader that’s all.

Overall rating : 4.5 stars out of 5, as this is  described as an erotic thriller and that’s exactly what you get.

Look forward to the next book by this author.



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