Word Prompt Response: Open Yourself Up To The Universe


Just a quick response to today’s WordPress writing prompt. This word excited me, stood out to me and made me smile when I saw it appear today, why? Because I believe in life one needs to be open to what the universe has in store for you. 

By this I  mean, you’re busy making plans living life as you think you should be living it going in a certain direction, but certain things may not work out as you imagined them to. So what do you do? Cry, sulk, take your anger out on everyone, stay in a low level of depression? Not move forward? NO you look at the situation, reflect and leave yourself open to the changes that are taking place by this one thing not working out.

I’m a big no huge believer in ” The Secret” and ” Law of Attraction” putting your hopes and dreams out there to the universe and watching them come to fruition. Part of this school of thought requires one to be open and accepting, believe that everything happens for a reason which may not be known to you at the moment.I’m much more spiritual than religious as a person, for the last say 6 years or so I’ve  been an active believer in ” The Law of Attraction ” and ” The Secret” it’s been part of my life, I always try to remain open to these schools of thought.  I’ve learned  2 things 1. if you remove yourself from the negative, sometimes beautiful things can happen; as that negative energy blocked your openness to good things due to you, and therefore you wasn’t receiving all the things you hoped for. 2. try to see the good in the most shitty things that happen to you, believe everything happens for a reason. If you do you’re leaving yourself open to learning a lesson  in life, and maybe not make the same mistake twice. You’re leaving yourself open to the  good things that may be better for you, and will work out by reflecting on what went wrong, learning and walking forward.

”Connecting the dots in life don’t make sense  going backwards”, I read this quote on Twitter and liked it, it’s so true.

Always remain open, believe in  the impossible, smile, never give up, and dream big.



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