Mystery Mondays: Kim Knight on Writing Buddies!

Check it out!! I ‘m honoured to make an appearance on Best Selling Author Kristina Stanley’s ” Mystery Monday” feature, for suspense/thriller/mystery writers. What a start to the week 🙂

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Welcome to Mystery Mondays. Today we have author Kim Knight. She’s written 9 books and is here to share her advice on writing buddies.

I met Kim online, and we have since become mutual supporters and promoters. That’s part of the joy of Mystery Mondays for me. I keep getting to meet other writers! So over to Kim…

Why Every Writer Needs A Writing Buddy by Kim Knight

It never occurred to me that a writing buddy is a much needed thing in my life. Like an accessory I can’t leave the house without my mobile, a spray of perfume and a fresh coat of lipstick. I need my buddy and you dear writer friend, you need to find yourself one. I would recommend it to all writers out there, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

So how did this come about for me? And…

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