Book Review: Understanding Auras (Non-fiction/ Spirituality) 5+ Wonderful stars!! #TheZennedOutGuidetoUnderstandingAuras #NetGalley

Understanding AuraThis book is OMG gorgeous on EVERY level, I thank NetGalley and the author for my free review copy. All opinions are my own. Let’s just say, I bought a  hardback copy after I read the e-book version!

About The Book:

In this beautifully illustrated comprehensive guide to auras, expert spiritualist Cassie Uhl shows you how to identify and interpret energetic fields with actionable steps that will make you an expert in no time.

Auras are constantly changing. Everything can affect your aura: your mood, your health, the food you eat, your environment, and the energy of other people. With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras, you’ll learn how to intuit your auric field and what steps you can take to keep your aura radiant, healthy, and protected. You’ll also learn the different layers and colors and what they mean, plus discover techniques to cleanse and heal your energetic field. Gorgeous illustrations make it easy to navigate through the chapters as you enhance your intuition and understanding of energy. You’ll:Learn about the subtle energy body, the many purposes of the aura, and how each chakra connects to the auras.Tap deeper into your intuition and third eye chakra to open yourself up to experiencing auras by feeling, hearing, touching, intuiting, or “seeing” them.Take the aura quiz to find your primary aura color(s) and better understand your personality and traits.Protect your aura through energy work, crystals, herbs, food, meditations, visualizations, sound healing, and breathing techniques.Do quick aura scenes to identify energy vampires that are harming your aura and help keep your aura healthy.Perform aura readings on other people and on yourself! With these interactive exercises and tips, you can protect your aura from unwanted energy and feel like your best self.
The Zenned Out series is an open invitation to seasoned and curious spiritualists who want to explore their craft. With Cassie Uhl’s approachable steps and explanations to mystical tools and symbolism, readers can start using the information right away.

blendedfamilies - my review

I picked up the book off Netgalley as I just love these kind of esoteric subjects, and yes I have been able to read my own aura by using my hand in the past.  It’s not a new subject to me, but there’s always more to learn and understand. In fact, I have never really read more on the subject of auras, than what I found on small blog posts on esoteric websites I follow. The first thing to say is, this book is visually to die for, the illustrations are beautiful, diverse, and feature people from all over the world. There are so many ethnic pictures it is just adorable to look at. Apart from the stunning visual I found as a reader, that the author is very down to earth, uses everyday language, very detailed, and makes the whole subject matter of ‘auras’ we give off as people 1. interesting 2. fun 3. very practical in ‘how to’ actually read someone’s aura, or your own.

The book also covers a lot of reference to the body’s chakra system, therefore it gives additional learning and deeper understanding. It also covers why we have auras, where they come from, the different types and so many other cool things.

One statement that the author makes is that, ‘we give off an aura before we even say anything, shake hands etc.’ ‘ Vibes don’t lie.’ I totally agree with her, I have always felt this way. The author is very relatable in her style of delivery.

Overall, I give Understanding Auras 5 plus wonderful stars, the level of detail, ease of reading, and general enjoyment for me was off the scale! I recommend it to all those who enjoy spirituality and esoteric subjects. I can’t wait for my hardback to arrive it will sit very proudly on my bookshelf for ‘woo woo’ subjects LOL. I thank Netgalley and the author again for the preview.

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