Daily Gratitude Challenge Day #16: Hobbies and Interests #DailyGratitudeChallenge

I’ve just read a really cool blog post by this blog I’ve been following Suzy Speaks. It’s day sixteen of her challenge she has set, for herself and her followers to write about a different topic they are grateful for and follow the  #DailyGratitudeChallenge. While it seems I’ve missed fifteen days of great topics, I’ll jump in today as hobbies and interests are something I’m deeply grateful for, in fact they kinda make me who I am.


Astrology and The Solar System:

I’m a qualified astrologer with a diploma in astrological studies. The study of the solar system from this science I’m  extremely grateful for, and my love of this subject. It started out while I was a teen, if you remember the shop Woolworths I stumbled across the annual astrology book for Aquarius, with a horoscope for each day of the year. I bought one ever year! Until Woolworths when into administration of course. The love of the stars, Moon, planet’s energies never left me. I ended up completing my studies about one or two years back.

Why am I so grateful for this science? Well, while many think this is ‘woo woo witchy esoteric stuff’ (and I would agree LOL), if helped me to understand me, life events, where I am going and even confirmed that, yes I am born to be a writer or working the journalistic field. Simply by a detailed study of my own birth chart, with my actual date and time of birth. Basically, astrology give me a lot of healing and direction in life. When I studied the chart of my son and other people, I was amazed at the accuracy I had from friends whose charts I read. I was able to confirm things about their life, or experiences I could not have known. In the case of my son, it also confirmed his approach and experiences with learning.

The study of the Universe will never leave me, I follow it closely and look at what’s happening in the world, and the planet’s energies. Overall, I am grateful as this skill I have learned has helped me to help others heal as well as myself, and it’s just a cool thing to say, ‘yeah I’m an astrologer’ LOL.



My Sewing Machine and Fashion Design:

My nanna died when I was fourteen, her name’s Lucinda. She never worked she had eleven children, she was a homemaker and my grandfather worked. She arrived in the UK  with my grandfather from the Caribbean islands, and basically looked after all the family. It’s her I owe my interest and skill with a sewing machine to. She loved to sew, and I later on at school I  picked the subject ‘textiles’, which is now what we call ‘fashion design’ all these years later, as an option for my GCSEs at school when I was fourteen. I gained a C grade, not bad. It was in this class I learned how to use a machine, sew and express myself creatively with fabrics and materials. I also really loved my teacher, she was Italian if I remember correctly and so funky with her dress sense.

Later on, I started to collect dress making patterns for clothes, got my own machine and just before I had my son I was obsessed with making dresses. (That I had to wait until I had him to wear, as I was pregnant) . It took a while, YouTube, buying books to understand the patterns, and learn the craft to a more advanced level but I did it! I’ve not made a dress in about six years, since he was born. But I have my dress stand, and I named her Lucinda after my nana. As I write this I  feel like I should really go fabric shopping and do something.

In London, there is a high street called Goldhawk Road if I remember correctly, that has shop after shop after shop of fabric stores! I remember spending a lot of time there, and money before I had him.

I am grateful for this interest and hobby as, it really gave  me something to smile about when I was in school. I  looked forward to the classes, later on in life it also gave me a great sense of patience, working with accuracy, and learning the art of how to create clothing from materials. I am also grateful for it as I was heavily pregnant in the summer months, which was no fun and found myself indoors a lot of the time. My sewing machine and this interest gave me a pass time when it was too hot for me to leave the house.



Civil Rights, Law, Politics

I just love this! I have an interest in all the above, I would not say it’s a hobby at all just an interest. That said, I am grateful for my interest in this area as it has allowed me to be able to make educated decisions, statements,  have opinions, and hold views on certain things that are backed up by rights and laws I am aware of, or have researched and can interpret.

I feel that this interest is probably something else that shapes me as a person, I won’t stand for anything that looks like it could be some kind of injustice, or breech of civil and human rights.  I am grateful for it as it has allowed me to be invested in causes such as women’s rights, human rights and the black lives matter movement.

Take a look at this cool daily gratitude challenge on Suzy Speaks and join in!


Word Prompt Response: Dream


From writer to author that’s the dream for many right?… Right, for me now it is, believe it or not I actually didn’t  imagine myself as a published author, I just wrote stuff as I love it it’s how I express myself just like painting my nails every week  or putting on some make-up in the morning. Me a published author? Nah! Not until a publishing deal was put in front of me did I ever dare to dream that big. Even  when I answered a publisher’s call and it happened  I still  found it then and now  hard to imagine that this dream, so many writers have is about to come true. 

Secretly, I guess I imagined my love for creative writing would come to something even if all it meant was just moving out of my current day job as a teacher, to being paid to write content for a magazine or website on subjects I enjoy and mean a lot to me; whether that be human civil rights, women’s and racial  issues, make-up and fashion etc.

 So anyway, now that I have completed my first novel and working hard towards my submission deadline on editing it, before I submit for the 31st July. You can read all about the challenge I’ve set for myself here  , I’m now (I think) living the dream of an average Jo (or Joanne) making the exciting but challenging journey….. fulfilling a dream  from writer to author.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes,  with regard to me writing  I have a small one now  I’m  on this journey… I hope and dream that my book does well! Like every soon to be published author. In my mind I have no idea how I quantify ” does well”,  all I know is that I hope that my romance suspense story touches a few hearts and starts a fire in each reader’s heart for the  romance/suspense genre, makes a few people laugh, sit on the edge of their seat turning pages unable to say  that’s it I’m off to bed, work, the gym, to make dinner as they are engrossed in the story line. I hope that  my book is loved by readers internationally and they connect with it as it is set in 3 different locations which may be 100% foreign to them  (France, London and the English coast). Most of all I hope and dream that this is one of many books I get to author, and further opportunities to write come my way.

I’ve got the writing bug even more than I had it  before, my creativity is probably the sharpest it’s been these last few months ! I hope the Universe brings my  hopes and dream to life. Not just for me but so I can leave a legacy for my baby boy to be proud of. I hope and dream that he can start school in a few years and say ” yeah my mama she’s a bad ass writer” when asked what his mama does 🙂 ” … OK may be not quite like that as a toddler but you know what I mean, as he grows up he can be proud of the legacy that I hope and dream to leave for him to discover.

Happy dreaming readers! I hope your hopes and dreams come true also, whatever they are.





Day #71 I’ve Completed My book!

Oh wow, I’ve done it I have really done it.  I’ve been writing every chance I got solidly and with 71 days to go until my deadline to submit to my publisher, just now I wrote the last chapter, the last paragraph and the last word of my first book. I’ve got 93,000 words down on paper and I am over the moon.

It’s hard to explain how else I feel apart from relief that I will  meet my deadline, joy at my achievement, nervousness over the whole editing process I’m about to do before I finally submit and excitement over the  release of my first book in September.

Was it hard work? Yes! But I never lost my mojo or experienced writer’s block funny enough I really got into the story, was it a challenge? Hell yes! But a very enjoyable one. Would I do it again? Of course in a heart beat I still have 2 more book ideas.

Over the next 71 days I’ll start the editing process to chop down some words, check over my research and also make sure that the final manuscript is the best it can be. If you missed my earlier post on editing I’ve decided to take some advice from this article I read which you can view here in this post. If you missed the earlier post on what it is that I’m actually writing oh sorry make that what I’ve WROTE then you can read all about that here

Stay tuned, I’ll keep blogging on how the editing process is going and any random interesting thoughts also.


Reflection #1

It’s after midnight and I don’t even know why I’m still up, I have a 5am wake up! As I do Monday- Friday to get myself ready for the ”day job”, that would be teaching and my bundle of joy baby boy ready for nursery. 

As I stood by my kitchen window just now, having a very cheeky cigarette ( yes I am trying to quit I don’t even know why I started again after giving birth), I started reflecting really deeply which I normally do but this time it just felt different. All kinds of things were going through my mind and I felt, pumped with ”good vibes” as my mum would call it, I felt and still do feel so grateful for everything I have right now that is non materialistic or worth money. So instead of taking a shower removing my make-up and getting into bed I pulled out the lap top, boiled the kettle and started to write- or ramble  you decide about gratefulness, I promised I would blog about my journey to my book release and just general life so don’t say I don’t keep my promises.

I don’t know about you reader but I seriously believe in the Law of Attraction, The Secret, a higher being or Universe that protects and guides us, I’m not a religious person or follow faith. (But I highly respect it and like to learn about it, why I am not religious or follow a faith is a whole new blog ramble). Where was I? Yes, so I believe in all that positive good stuff if you put out to ” The Universe” what it is you seek, you shall find or it will come knocking at your door. Don’t get me wrong, hard work and hustle for it is involved also; it does not just land on your lap…. but if you show the Universe what you want, tell it and hustle for it you’ll get it. But you also have to be grateful too.

That said, I’m putting out there to the Universe literally as in the whole of Twitter LOL and the actual Universe that I believe protects and guides us all, if we believe in it, that I’m grateful;so that I can continue to be grateful, learn, have life experiences and do things I have sat back and thought, yeah that might be cool to do and then later made baby steps to achieve it- even when it seems impossible at the time, for whatever reason, money, time, motherhood whatever. That said, I have learned that motherhood does not stop you from achieving anything, it may stop you from going out drinking as often as you used to, but it does not stop you from working towards anything.

 Please, don’t sit there and think gosh she is just on cloud 9 because she’s  about to be a published author- no I’m on cloud 9 because I have good health, a beautiful baby boy who is developing into such a wonderful human being, I’m  LOVING motherhood with all my heart and each day that love just grows; it really has made me I think as a person and women. Hard work but such fun… have you ever done the chicken dance with a 2 year old? It really is  a laugh.  I’m grateful for all opportunities put in front of me so far which allow me to provide for him, I mean  ”day job” opportunities. I’m grateful for each day and the thought of what it may hold, I am grateful for a handful of girlfriends who have just been a god send at times when I have needed them they know who they are, and my girlfriends abroad in  the UK Conwell, America, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Australia  (my pen pals) y’all my girlfriends too no matter what ocean and time zone separates us I love catching up with you via letter, I’m grateful for all the challenges life has presented me over say the last 6 years, as those challenges have given me heart, hustle and a strong work ethic. So Universe at times thanks for being a b*tch to me I learned a lot LOL…. and the big one I am super grateful for the publisher who took a chance on my 3 chapters submitted in the USA, and sent me a contract for my work to be published later this year. Oh! I am just super grateful as this one I put out to the Universe literally on my visualisation/goals board just before Christmas and did not expect to achieve this any time soon, especially not on my first ever submission. Mind blowing!

So that’s my reflection for today reflection, #1 gratefulness, practice it yourself if you don’t already just reflect for a few moments what have you got non materialistic that you are happy for? Tweet me it, comment below let me and the Universe know.

Catch you all soon