Reflection #1

It’s after midnight and I don’t even know why I’m still up, I have a 5am wake up! As I do Monday- Friday to get myself ready for the ”day job”, that would be teaching and my bundle of joy baby boy ready for nursery. 

As I stood by my kitchen window just now, having a very cheeky cigarette ( yes I am trying to quit I don’t even know why I started again after giving birth), I started reflecting really deeply which I normally do but this time it just felt different. All kinds of things were going through my mind and I felt, pumped with ”good vibes” as my mum would call it, I felt and still do feel so grateful for everything I have right now that is non materialistic or worth money. So instead of taking a shower removing my make-up and getting into bed I pulled out the lap top, boiled the kettle and started to write- or ramble  you decide about gratefulness, I promised I would blog about my journey to my book release and just general life so don’t say I don’t keep my promises.

I don’t know about you reader but I seriously believe in the Law of Attraction, The Secret, a higher being or Universe that protects and guides us, I’m not a religious person or follow faith. (But I highly respect it and like to learn about it, why I am not religious or follow a faith is a whole new blog ramble). Where was I? Yes, so I believe in all that positive good stuff if you put out to ” The Universe” what it is you seek, you shall find or it will come knocking at your door. Don’t get me wrong, hard work and hustle for it is involved also; it does not just land on your lap…. but if you show the Universe what you want, tell it and hustle for it you’ll get it. But you also have to be grateful too.

That said, I’m putting out there to the Universe literally as in the whole of Twitter LOL and the actual Universe that I believe protects and guides us all, if we believe in it, that I’m grateful;so that I can continue to be grateful, learn, have life experiences and do things I have sat back and thought, yeah that might be cool to do and then later made baby steps to achieve it- even when it seems impossible at the time, for whatever reason, money, time, motherhood whatever. That said, I have learned that motherhood does not stop you from achieving anything, it may stop you from going out drinking as often as you used to, but it does not stop you from working towards anything.

 Please, don’t sit there and think gosh she is just on cloud 9 because she’s  about to be a published author- no I’m on cloud 9 because I have good health, a beautiful baby boy who is developing into such a wonderful human being, I’m  LOVING motherhood with all my heart and each day that love just grows; it really has made me I think as a person and women. Hard work but such fun… have you ever done the chicken dance with a 2 year old? It really is  a laugh.  I’m grateful for all opportunities put in front of me so far which allow me to provide for him, I mean  ”day job” opportunities. I’m grateful for each day and the thought of what it may hold, I am grateful for a handful of girlfriends who have just been a god send at times when I have needed them they know who they are, and my girlfriends abroad in  the UK Conwell, America, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Australia  (my pen pals) y’all my girlfriends too no matter what ocean and time zone separates us I love catching up with you via letter, I’m grateful for all the challenges life has presented me over say the last 6 years, as those challenges have given me heart, hustle and a strong work ethic. So Universe at times thanks for being a b*tch to me I learned a lot LOL…. and the big one I am super grateful for the publisher who took a chance on my 3 chapters submitted in the USA, and sent me a contract for my work to be published later this year. Oh! I am just super grateful as this one I put out to the Universe literally on my visualisation/goals board just before Christmas and did not expect to achieve this any time soon, especially not on my first ever submission. Mind blowing!

So that’s my reflection for today reflection, #1 gratefulness, practice it yourself if you don’t already just reflect for a few moments what have you got non materialistic that you are happy for? Tweet me it, comment below let me and the Universe know.

Catch you all soon


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