Gosh, I’m a Certified Miley Cyrus Fan? #flowers

It has taken me years to really sit up and take notice of Miley Cyrus as an artist for her actual singing, rather than any shenanigans she’s been up to. Not because I don’t think she’s talented, and yes her shenanigans do make me laugh but the style of music just never really grabbed me, must be my age. But I must say, when I saw her last year perform Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ song from an era that I was not even born yet, and Miley clearly was not born since she was born in the 90’s I said to myself, ‘yeah, I like her she does have a really good singing voice’.

As I write this what has made me sit up, stop what I was doing, and write is her new song ‘Flowers’. I have been hearing it everywhere! And if you caught my last post on three things I can’t live with out, I mentioned my Internet radio, and all the global radio stations I like and have discovered.

So anyway, I first heard ‘Flowers’ on Cherie FM, which is a radio station based in France. I didn’t know it was Miley Cyrus singing but I said to myself, ‘I’m sure that’s her.’ She has a distinct voice, and I instantly fell in love with the song. It just came on again on the French radio station as I was writing this Sunday night, and I stopped to see if I could watch the music video on YouTube. I must say, she looks fantastic in the video. Miley’s body shape is not the over exaggerated curvy figures we often see, whether they are natural or enhanced with surgery. Whatever workouts she has been doing has really done wonders to enhance her naturally more athletic shape, she honestly looks great! But back to the song, it’s a wonderful song and it has literally certified me as a Miley Cyrus fan… I think?, along with her cover version of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’. Go Miley you make me want to work out watching you! Great vocals, lyrics, positive message, and a really cool song I always turn up when it’s on. I also think that seeing more fit and toned body shapes that are natural like Miley’s and even Britney Spears’ is a really positive thing for younger girls. Stay away from the surgery!!

It’s wonderful when an artist or creative captures the attention of an unassuming potential fan, or someone who would not normally gravitate towards their artistry. It speaks volumes about the artist’s or creator’s appeal.

Are there any artists, creators, songs etc., that you would not normally rock with… but do? Have you heard ‘Flowers’? What do you think of the song?


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