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Trace’s Forever is LIVE. ⁠The Lake Hope Small Town Romance Series Finale is here.

✓ Fake Celebrity Romance⁠

✓ Opposites Attract⁠

✓ Small Town Romance⁠⁠

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⁠Trace Edwards⁠

They call me the billion-dollar box office kid and People Magazine’s most eligible bachelor, but everyone should know better. That carefully curated persona is a Hollywood fabrication.⁠⁠Thanks to Forever being a box office smash, I’m returning to Lake Hope to film the sequel. The paparazzi is working overtime speculating that my on-screen romance with my co-star Kimberly Conrad is evolving off-screen.⁠⁠On-screen I’ll continue to play the romantic lead but off-screen I’m a different person with a secret that would destroy the image so many have worked so hard to maintain.⁠⁠I don’t relationships. I don’t do romance.

.⁠⁠Jill Hanover

⁠I wrote the words that convinced America that Trace and Kimberly are the perfect couple. My script for the movie Forever propelled the beautiful ones to an on-screen HEA. Of course, the emotions of the movie felt real to so many because they are – they’re mine. I carry a stupid crush for the most unattainable man in Hollywood. I’m invisible to him and I’ve fed all my words of love to Kimberly, the one woman who actually has the ability to steal his heart.⁠⁠I can’t let this happen. It’s time to go off-script.⁠⁠You can’t make this stuff up. But I can.⁠⁠Watch me.⁠

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