Personality Really Is Everything? Meet Detective Janssen- It’s Release Day!

So last week I got thinking a lot about different personality types. I was sent the Myers Briggs personality test by my editor, after feedback she gave me about the personality I’ve crafted for my first ever female detective. I did test myself, to see where I fall in the sixteen different archetypes of personalities. I must say the free test is deadly accurate for me! I came out as an ENFJ-A ( extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judgement, advocate) type person. Other wise known as ‘the Protagonist’.

The personality of natural charismatic leaders, that only makes up 2 percent of the whole population a rare type. Wow when I read that I could not believe it. Apparently Barack Obama is also the same, how cool, as I’ve always felt he was a nice person from how he comes across even when you take away his politics. Have you ever done your own free test? What personality type are you? Are you a rare type like me? You can do it free here

My editor feedback to me that my first ever female detective in The Red Light Girls, apparently she’s a true ‘A Type Person.’ I had no idea what this is! Or even that she came across that way. These people are very solution orientated and straight to the point. I guess that’s a good thing, especially for a detective’s job, right? She seemed to like her a bit more than Detective Dunne in book #1 The Note and encouraged me to write a series with just a female detective LOL, she feels I write them strongly. Probably the advantage of being a female myself. This was great feedback, and something I considered, as when I look at the police procedural area of literature, it is mainly male characters or leads. There’s the odd female here and there, but I don’t think anyone can argue that it’s male dominated, with a lot of female victims. Something I will consider doing.

So back to personality, I really do feel that personality is important as it helps you to get to know other people, once you understand their personality. Also, understanding your own personality really can help you in life. From the paths you do and don’t take, the jobs you do, who you have as friends etc. I see real value in the Myers Briggs test. I find it amusing that a lot of the time people assume that writers are introverted. And I can see why, it’s a lonely job, and a lot of writers I would agree are more introverted from the ones I know. But I am a little outside of the box, I am no where near introverted LOL I’ve always known this. Not that I need to be centre of attention I really don’t. I prefer not to, I’m not an extrovert in that sense. But I have no problems expressing myself, and I can, do, and will speaking to anyone who will listen about anything that comes to mind! I’m a massive conversationalist generally.

Another writer friend of mine, when she told me where she falls on the personality types as an introvert, said that,’ introvert vs extrovert is about where you get your energy from, or how you give it. Extroverts get their energy from other people, introverts give it to them.‘ I never thought of it like this at all, she has a point. I do vibe highly when I connect with other people well, and find that my energy is heightened as she said. People and human science does amaze me.

New Release… Meet Detective Zoe Janssen

So yesterday marked another day of unleashing my work to the world, book #2 of the Unsolved Mysteries series is out! And will be closely followed by book #3 Till Death Do Us Part in August, which is actually set in the sunshine state of Florida. I won’t say too much as readers of book#.2 will get a three chapter preview inside book #2. However, I am very happy with this story The Red Light Girls set in Amsterdam, Europe. A part of the world I’d really enjoy visiting again, or even living too. It’s a wonderful city and the people were really nice. It’s been a good few years since I’ve been there. I even had a little adventure and missed the last tram home as we forgot to set our clocks to the local time. Then we ended up paying around 60.00 euros for a taxi home LOL. That’s one expensive journey when a tram ticket at the time must have been under 5.00 euros. But it was an amusing way to kick off the city break.

If you do check out The Red Light Girls please do leave a review! Also if you’ve read book #1 The Note which is still only 99 cents please also do leave a review!

In other news…

I have been reading a lot around the whole esoteric genre, life after death etc in preparation for my mum’s funeral, which is coming up. She passed away in March and I still have not really come to terms with the fact that, Mum’s gone but for sure I have evidence that he soul lives on. Hence I wrote A memoir: My Mum and Me, Messages From Beyond The Grave. I finished a great book last night on understanding death, and grief which I will do a review for later today. I’m also reading one of my most favourite writer’s memoir on her own grief management, ‘Notes on Grief’ by Chimanda Ngozi Adechi. She is just a fantastic writer in the fiction genre. There’s not been a book to date of hers that she has not managed to make me cry, laugh, fall in love with the characters, and walk away feeling ‘wow’ what a story. I really like her work.

I know that at this time there’s a lot of people due to the pandemic managing grief, and if you are too my thoughts are with you, and I send positive energy your way. Never in my life have I experienced this kind of loss, so close and in such a sudden way. However the departure and experience of Mum’s visit changed my life!

Last week I also qualified as a yoga teacher yeah! I have been doing yoga on an off for over ten years. I discovered it in my mid twenties. I did attempt once back then to do a course to qualify, but life’s dramatics meant I didn’t complete it. Last year due to the pandemic just for fun, for something to do, I enrolled onto an online learning course in this area. It seemed perfect to pass time at home during the many lockdowns Europe had. And a way to get me back into practice. While I am not as flexible as I was I’m getting there, and passed my exam. I can teach privately, and then enrolled onto the next stage to achieve the ‘gold standard’ and hope to finish this course in the next few months. Yoga has also been a way to help me manage stress and now grief also. I found that it’s a very good way to let go of worries. I enjoy mainly dynamic ‘power yoga,’ with flows that are challenging, rather than the more slower gentle forms.

Next week I will l return to writing, and focus on another project I have up my sleeve, also homeschooling, and to unwind study the yoga sutras.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, happy reading to anyone who dives into any of my unsolved mysteries… pay attention not everything is as it seems. I’ll leave you will a little excerpt of book #2.

Excerpt- The red Light Girls ( unsolved mystery #2)

Dig Deep

Madeline Sloane

Madeline made her way over to Van Nijenrodeweg via bus. She jumped off at her stop into  the chilly air. With her hands buried in her pockets to shield from the cold, she walked a few meters over to Amsterdamse Bos park. Once there, she noticed the area was busy with uniformed officials with Politie written across their vests.

Standing by the gated entrance to the woodland area, she accessed the situation.

The Politie were everywhere. To her, it appeared as if they were questioning passers-by.

She assumed this could have only been about the woman’s body that showed up in the Bos. Her gaze slowly moved over the scene, scanning to see if there were any other local news reporters with the same idea as her—to gather any information possible for the following day’s headlines. With no one in sight that looked like a journalist, she ducked into the Bos unnoticed.

Once through the gate, an anxious feeling pooled in the pit of her stomach. Quickly she walked up the pathway lined with trees and grass on either side.

A cool breeze rustled the trees, and a few brown leaves fell and landed in her path. As she walked along, the autumn leaves crunched under her heavy winter boots.

Up ahead by a tree, she saw the familiar tape that sealed off the area where the woman’s body must have been found. She noted the forensic team dusting down the area. Cameras flashed while a few officers looked as if they were searching the area.

A woman she recognised in a black suit, black fedora hat, and loafers stood to one side surrounded by a team of men. She spoke to a uniformed officer directly as the others took notes.

Madeline approached her.

“Hey, Detective Janssen,” said Madeline. “What happened?”

The tall blonde turned her attention from the officer to her.

“Madeline how did you get back here?” she demanded.

“I came by as soon as the news broke.” She ignored the detective’s question. “Who was she?”

Madeline felt her heart sink as Janssen rolled her eyes at her.

“You know I can’t talk to the press,” Janssen said. “This is a crime scene. The press isn’t meant to be here.”

Madeline moved her eyes over to the taped off area and nodded her head in the same direction. “There’s been so many of these cases over the last few months,” she said. “I’m here to help.”

“No, Madeline.” Janssen held up a hand of warning. “The press is never here to help. All you want is gossip—to see who can sell the most papers.”

Janssen dismissed her, then moved over to the taped off area, taking long strides. She signalled for her team of officers to follow her.

Madeline watched them walk off and sucked her teeth. She decided not to piss Janssen off, even though she wasn’t impressed with the job the Politie had done to close the unsolved cases. She had crossed paths with Detective Zoe Janssen on more than one occasion.

When she first arrived in Amsterdam came to mind. She had tried to report on a bank robbery for the De Telegraaf newspaper.

Yeah, that first meeting wasn’t pretty, Madeline chuckled at the memory.

Janssen had an attitude with her and saw her as more of a hindrance than helpful.

Well, I’m here again, Janssen, she laughed to herself. The shadow you can’t shake.

From where she was stood, she looked around for another source she could gather some information from. She spotted a uniformed officer, who stood back, observing the scene by a Politie van. He was out of ear and eye shot of Janssen, so she headed over to him.

“Officer, who was she? What do we know?” Madeline crossed her fingers, hoping he would spill the beans.

The officer looked at Madeline and shook his head.

“Ma’am you’re not meant to be here.” He took Madeline by the elbow gently and guided her towards to exit. “Let me escort you out. You need to leave, now.”

Madeline snatched her arm back, then pulled out her ID badge from underneath her jacket.

“Please officer, I want to help with these cases. From what I’ve dug up, it’s getting serious,” she said.

The officer glanced down at her De Telegraaf badge, but he didn’t say a thing.

“I’m not trying to sell papers,” she continued. “This is about catching whoever this sick bastard is.”

The officer raised his sunglasses and looked closer at Madeline’s badge. He sighed, lowered his glasses and chewed loudly on his gum. Briefly, he glanced around, then he leaned into her.

“She was female,” he whispered. “Probably in her thirties and Chinese.”

He looked around cautiously again, then over a shoulder. He grabbed her elbow and started to march her in a different direction away from his co-workers.

Madeline followed his lead with interest. “What else?”

“Definitely a Red Light girl. Her clothes were in her bag. Suzy Chan’s her legal name from the ID, that’s all we know,” the officer said under his breath.

“Thanks,” Madeline responded. “Anything else?”

“I’m only telling you this as we need all the help we can get to catch this sick person.” The officer kept walking at swift pace.

Madeline struggled to keep up.

He turned to her once more. “That’s all I can say. And you never heard it from me. Now, please leave.”

Madeline nodded in agreement and watched the officer disappear into the sea of uniforms around her.

Janssen looked over in her direction with a frown on her face, then approached.

Madeline took a deep breath. Great. This should be interesting.

“What did I say to you?” Her voice remained stern and even toned, but her body language showed sheer annoyance. “You need to leave. I don’t want the press here. Understand?”

“I’m on my way, Detective. Don’t worry.”

Madeline turned to leave, and as she did, Janssen moved off in the other direction. She heard the detective bark orders at her team of officers behind her, but she couldn’t make them out. Glancing back, she locked eyes with Janssen and she quickly moved away from the area.

A name, that’s a start. Now, I wonder where she worked? Madeline thought to herself.

She headed toward the exit of the park.

Glancing at her watch, it read a few minutes before six. At this hour, the bars around Dam Square and the Red Light district would start to get busy.

She made her way back up the pathway she had taken prior. And since her last trek through the area, more leaves had flooded the ground. Her boots ate them up, crunch by crunch, under her feet.

It was getting colder, and the evening had started to draw in. The park’s lamp posts flicked on as she walked toward the exit of the park.

Once there she took one final glance around at the officers patrolling the area, then made her way back to the tramline toward Amsterdam Centraal.

The tram was packed. It reminded Madeline of the underground in London. All the times she had crammed herself in there like a sardine, with a bunch of Londoners who had no clue about personal hygiene, caused her to chuckle.

Some things never change.

Oh what happens next for Madeline and Janssen? Out now and free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

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