Daily Prompt: Reach


via Daily Prompt: Reach

  1. To reach out one’s arm
  2. To arrive at, to get as far as

(Dictionary definition for the word prompt: reach)

For today’s WordPress writing prompt, my response is a personal one…This morning,  at 8:00 a.m I was in the pool, the water is one of my favourite places to be. I went for a swim! I learned that residents in my area now can swim and use the gym for free, at certain times. This is a great thing and new health incentive in my area.

Now, I can (maybe) reach my long time fitness  goal of going for a swim once a week by myself  (with my son there’s no swimming or work out for me, more like splashing and teaching him how to swim and float). I hope to go each week, now that it’s free I have absolutely no excuse after I drop off my boy at nursery school, to not and head to the pool and swim before work, or go after  work. No excuses- none what so ever. Starting from Friday next week, I will work toward reaching my long term goal of swimming maybe 20 laps (straight, no stopping). I’ll start with reaching 5 at first, and work my way up slowly to reach 20 laps.  I am not the fittest person in the world so wish me luck!

Do you have a health or fitness goal, or  any goal that you’d like to reach? What is it let me know?

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