Sunday Vibes: Music to Feel Good

I have done all the housework this morning with a You Tube play list in the background, I felt in a very ”Island” mood today. Maybe it’s the sun and warm weather I wish London was always like this all year around. I listened to two great artists from small Islands miles away from me, Bob Marley and Rihanna.

I’ve not heard this song by Rihanna ” Diamonds” for what seems like ages I played it about five times before moving on to the next one while cleaning. It’s a very catchy, empowering and uplifting song. I love the way she sings it, it’s very close to the original version (Sia wrote this song for her).  So today  I play tribute to a fellow Islander the beautiful Rihanna from the sunny island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

Shine bright like a diamond people! Have a wonderful Sunday, I’m off to do some chapter edits and writing.

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