The Power of Words

It always intrigues me when I read well written romance stories and realise the author is a man! I like this writing prompt response. It’s prompted me to attempt this challenge somehow before Tuesday! If I can fit it in . Well done Harlem

Harlem Inner City Blues: Random Thoughts

(Cloud bubble to self.. “I’m feeling her spirit. It transcends through from the very next aisle. I haven’t seen your face and yet…

I see you, very clearly.”)

power of wordsThe Power of Words

I was studying in the library on campus and heard the sweetest voice coming from the next aisle.

It was a voice I could listen to for the rest of my life.  Her voice had substance and conviction.  I placed my pen down and looked around hoping no one would notice.  The words of wisdom that came from her instrument moved me like no other.  Her insight touched me in a way that changed my DNA and unreleased sperm forever.

Her laughter intrigued me to steal a peak.  Just a glimpse was all I needed to match the voice with the face. But what next?  From a distance I was drawn to a voice without a face…

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