Writing Prompt: Private Investigator Short Story.


Taken from my fabulous ”#642 Things to Write About” prompt book thought I’d write something a little different this morning.

Writing Prompt: You’re a private investigator, you’ve been following a cheating husband for a month. Write a report to your client-an emotionally unstable wife (in crisis) telling her what you did and what you’ve learned.

Slumped over my desk, I screw up my face at all the evidence I’ve gathered against Mr X. For a month I’ve been instructed by Mrs X to investigate her suspicions over her husband’s infidelity. The poor women, Mrs X has been married to Mr X for just 4 years and already their marriage is in crisis.I pull up my profile on the married couple:

Mrs X 35, a stay at home mum to two boys aged  five and two. A degree in psychology, she gave up her career in criminal psychology to start family life with Mr X. 

Mr X is 36, a wealthy banker working in the heart of London’s financial district. He is a top investment banker for one of the UK’s biggest banks.

Late nights and early mornings have led Mrs X to suspect her beloved husband is cheating on her. She made contact with me on the  1st February 2016, a nervous voice on the other end of the phone explained how distraught she had been since Christmas 2015. He failed to make any real effort over the festive season, she also found a receipt for Victoria Secret’s lingerie  he bought on Christmas Eve-  lingerie that she never received.

Humm, I’ve got to get this report in today, I have so much evidence against this ass-hole but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm Mrs X, she’s already very unstable emotionally. There have been times I spoken to her on the phone, before mid day and she’s slurred her words. She’s not going to like what I write, but better the truth be told, set the poor women free from this crisis.

I turn my attention to the thick file of evidence, photos, credit card transactions, emails that the bastard exchanged with a number of women. For the last month, his attention has been on  two women Sam and Jane. They both have one thing in common, tall, slim and blonde. It’s clear Mr X has a type – certainly not his wife’s short , curvy brunette physic.

I pick out  three day’s worth of evidence as a taster for Mrs X and draft a short report, if she wants more evidence I’ll supply the rest:

Dear Mrs X

Thank you for making contact with me on the 1st February 2016, following our phone call I set to work as instructed.Below I enclose for you a summary report of my findings over three  days. Please read and refer to the attached  evidence. I understand that this is a difficult time for you and the information gathered may cause further emotional distress, however I can confirm your suspicions over infidelity on the days you had question marks over his whereabouts.

5th February 2016:  Mr X arrived at his office in Liverpool Street central London at 6:00 a.m he did not leave his car, he sat and waited. Approximately 10 minutes later a black Ford Fiesta pulled up behind him, a tall slim blonde I’ll refer to as Ms A got out of the car and greeted Mr X. A kiss on the lips. The pair got into Mr X’s car and departed. I followed behind at a distance in my own car. They pulled up outside a quiet cafe   in Shoreditch  a short drive from the financial district in central London.The pair entered the cafe. I waited 5 minutes and followed them in. I can confirm between 6:30 a.m and 7:.30 a.m the pair had breakfast at the cafe, held hands and openly flirted their body language was not ” business like” if she is a co-worker.  Please see  photographic evidence sample A.At 7:35 a.m the pair depart the cafe, I followed them to a  closed in car park. Ms A parks in a corner facing parking space. I park a few spaces away, it appeared to me at the time the couple were intermate at this spot. Please see photographic evidence sample B.

8th February 2016: Following the information you gave to me via phone, that your husband was due to attend a work function until late the evening of the 8th February 2016 I can confirm after hacking into his personal email account, during the day of 7th February 2016 he exchanged a number of emails with Ms B. The two organised to have dinner at a Thai restaurant on King’s Road  south west London on the evening of the 8th February. Please see evidence sample C the emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms B. I made reservations at the same restaurant at the same time the couple  were due to dine, as I dined that evening, on my body camera I gathered further photographic evidence of the couple. Ms B is not the same women from my last sighting of Mr X with another women. Please see evidence sample D photographic evidence of Mr X dining with Ms B the evening of the 8th February 2016 at 19:00 hours  – 21:00 hours. The pair then went on the have drinks downstairs in the restaurant bar until 24:00 hours .

14th February 2016: Following your information you gave me that Mr X would be away on a work business trip the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Please see evidence sample E and F emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms A ( the lady from the first sighting of Mr X’s infidelity). As you can see the couple organised a romantic weekend away in Paris, the trip was instigated by Mr X and fully funded by him. To confirm this please see evidence sample G – his credit card statement confirming a booking for two tickets to travel via  Eurostar  direct from London King’s Cross to La Gare Paris. Evidence sample H further showing a booking for a hotel in Paris under Mr X’s name for a double room for the duration of the weekend. 

I decide that’s enough evidence, I have more of course. Mr X was very active over the month of February I ping over the email, and evidence samples. I give it until Easter I bet my bottom dollar Mrs X files for a divorce and rapes him financially for every penny he has- good for her. I am meant to be objective in this line of work,but he clearly is a man with no heart. Half an hour later my phone rings, I know it’s her. I snatch up the receiver

” Kim’s private investigations, Kim speaking can how can I help you?”

” Kim, it’s… it’s me Mrs X I just got your report.”

I bite my lip, and brace myself for her emotional melt down. Mrs X’s voice is small and horse like she has already cried a million tears over the bombshell.

” How could he Kim?! How Could he!”

I take a deep breath, I’ve seen this a million times, heard it a million times a  distraught wife  in crisis calling me for some kind of explanation, after they receive my report. Like it’s not clear enough already that their husband is a cheating bastard.

” Mrs X, I am sorry for what the evidence shows I really am.”


Mrs X screams down the phone, I look up at the ceiling, this is going to be a long day…..






5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Private Investigator Short Story.

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  2. Hi Kim,
    I think this would be a difficult post to write because many women, unfortunately, are really in the situation. That is why the divorce rate is so high.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger also. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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