6 of One, Half a Dozen of The Other #amwriting


Prompt> Write  six words about what you think the future holds for you then expand… okay I’ll put this out to the universe to hear my wishes.  Six words>  Healed, Happy, in Love, Successful, Writing.

Healed> by this I mean I am finally healed and now in a very good place, for me personally from about the age of 30-ish ( I’m 36 at the time of writing) I have been on a journey. Life was turned upside down and back around again. I went through a lot  I feel I really did not need to.  Now I look back, I can understand exactly why it all happened and how it help me to move forward. Sometimes the ‘Universe’ disrupts your path, to grab your attention and put you on another one that’s better for you. That’s fine looking back, at the time it can be a living hell. For me I had to completely revamp myself from the inside, and also life to get to where I am  now. And trust me no one, and I mean no one will come along and ‘disturb the peace’ I’ve found now!

So, for the future I hope to remain fully healed and never have to experience the drama I did before.

Happy> Who does not want to be happy? While I am happy, I hope to continue to be happy. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I cracked the mentally and emotionally and spiritually, so I started to work on the physical. Personally I have been doing a hell of  working out at home to my DVDs, as I stopped and really like to start my day this way. I used to a lot before I was going through ‘living hell’. This summer, I have been killing it with Pilates and dance based exercise ( I love to dance). I also  discovered PopSugar fitness on You Tube. I lost an inch off my waist very fast in just a few weeks! I’ve always been a UK size 12-14  US 10-12 dress size, but now I look better  I think with just  an  inch gone from my waist. It’s amazing what 20 mins a day each morning can do. I also hope that my family remains happy too, and we are at peace.

In Love> Hey, I write steamy romance stories (sometimes), of course love is a big thing for me, I read about it I love all the romance genre, and hope maybe I’ve found the right person and it blossoms into a very meaningful relationship. When you start a new relationship you never know which way it will swing but you remain hopeful, even if there’s a rocky start or there are some challenges. I’ll be honest and say I am an old romantic ( no surprise there hey), so to me even if a person suffers a broken heart in the worst way I believe we should still believe in love, regardless. Build yourself back up, and move forward hopeful. I  also think that it is very important to love yourself before you can love anyone else, have a clear idea of what you want and don’t waste your time if you find someone who does not show you what you want or worse deserve. Don’t hope they will change, if they don’t fit the bill f*ck them… you like me? Treat me right it’s that simple.

The older I’ve got the more I have taken this attitude towards how I allow men to treat me, and how I treat others if I like you trust me you’ll know. If you’ve pissed me  off… yeah, trust you’ll know also. I’ve learned to be straight forward when it comes to love. Also writing all these complex love stories has also allowed me to reflect and think, ‘damn what drama I’ve caused for these characters, love should be so simple’. So Don’t waste your time, find someone who is on the same page and be patient for them to come along.

I remember when I suffered my first major break up I was probably about 21-22ish, at the time do you know I actually went celibate and refrained from sex and men all together until I found a decent guy, worth my time and my goodies 🙂 My girlfriends thought I was crazy, at that age your hormones are raging but to me I had such a broken heart, the thought of a man close to me was just off putting… So I partied hard with my girls, and really threw myself into my work and it paid off I had a wonderful time in my earlier 20s. Fast forward it happened again, this time I did not do the celibate thing but I changed my attitude to  who I give my time to big time, and in a funny way that heart ache set me free and really helped me learn something very important, today at 36 I am thankful for both of them.

So in a nutshell, here’s hoping that this relationship that does not end, and if it does let it end before we get too wrapped up in each other…. please, I’m too old for this messing around LOL.

Successful> Success can mean a lot of different things to different people, just getting through the day can be success in someone’s eyes, while someone else wants millions in the bank. For me, I just want to see my son grow up to be the King I am raising him to be, and do well for himself, write some good stories, live a happy and fulfilled life. As I write this, this is all I could hope for. I feel that I am now in a space where success is not about money so much for me it’s more about achieving the goals I set for myself in life, one at a time.

Writing> Well, I write all day, every day it’s a day job for me now. But I want to focus more on my actual own stuff I want to write, rather than what I am being asked to write. *rolls eyes* that said, nine times out of ten I do enjoy what I am asked to write or translate into English so I should not complain.

And that’s my six word story future…

What’s your six word story?? I’d love to read it.

Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge Week #16: My Biggest Dream? #MFRW

Hmmm ask an author this question and they’ll all say the same thing… New York Times Bestseller, Bestselling Author. These are all the recognition awards and titles we’re after right? Wrong, okay maybe, but not always in this order. 🙂

For me personally living the dream would mean  a  HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE catalogue of novels and novellas in both the romantic suspense and thriller genres. When I think of this dream, the one author that comes to mind is Stephen King. On my last check he has over fifty published novels. And my all time inspiration Jackie Collins the author I salute, as it was her who introduced me to romantic suspense when I was hardly in my mid twenties. I stumbled across  her novel Deadly Embrace , I then read everything by Jackie I could get my hands, on before I became an author. Surprise surprise I sleep and breathe this genre! Creating my own spin on romance and suspense. Jackie had upon her death something like thirty two novels  published I think off memory.  I was so upset when she died, I feel like some part of life is now missing. I’m one of her fans who would wait impatiently for the next hit, I’d check her site regularly to see what’s coming next and curse when I could not see my next hit coming. My other inspiration the great British crime author, Martina Cole has about twenty odd crime novels from memory. A lot of them I have also read.  When Martina publishes a book, a wicked grin comes over my face! I’m excited.  This is the level I’m talking about in terms of books I’d love to write and the kind of buzz I’d love to create in my genre one day as an author. Considering I’m only thirty four if I get a wiggle on and stay focused,  just maybe it could happen! I could knock out plenty of work.

I’m not focused so much on all the awards or labels authors can get, as nice as they are, it’s more about productivity. I’m also not that focused on becoming rich, this is the last thing I’m writing for.  I had an author mention this who will feature in my Meet The Author – I won’t say who it is look out for them on the 25th.  I’d personally like to give up the part time day job, write more full time, pay the bills by doing what I love and feel my talent really is and not worry. That’s the dream. I’d also love an endless supply of M.A.C and Kat Von D make-up, to create a line of clothing, a house with a pool and large garden for my little boy and to live in the sun…. pretty please if God’s listening LOL.

What’s your dream?? What are you doing to make it happen? If you’re an author reading this is it all about the label, money or the volume of work you put out?