Book Review: This Life I Lived ( Memoir) by Angelina Wilson 5 Eye Opening Stars #100BooksChallenge

Book #8 of my #100BooksChallenge! So I came across this book on Facebook, and if there’s one thing I love it’s nonfiction books! I’m a big memoir fan, no matter the subject matter, even if I’ve never had the experiences of the person in concern. I find memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies so interesting to read. This Life I Lived was no exception to this.

About the book:

Angelina shares with you, her life’s journey. She opens up about being a victim of molestation, rape and domestic violence. Speaking on such a sensitive topic is very difficult, but her main goal is to help and inspire other’s who were placed in similar situations. Breaking the silence of her past, she now lives by the motto, Speak up. After so many year’s, she was finally able to find her voice. With a tarnished past, she now hopes to have a brighter future.

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5 eye opening stars

Now this is a very short memoir maybe around forty pages, that said don’t be under any illusion about the depth of it. The author does go into detail (graphically at times), about the experiences she had with her abuser. What struck me was the age she experienced this, and how far she appears to have come. She was under ten years old! But now a founder of an abuse survivor’s organisation. As I read through it was easy to place myself in the scenes she detailed. By the time I finished I could see how this memoir would really help others. People who need the support that she is offering now, for people who need to move forward after trauma, or who are still experiencing trauma. I enjoyed this memoir, I closed the book like ‘wow, my goodness.’ I mean this not to say I enjoyed reading about the abuse or heart-ache, I enjoyed seeing the author’s change of direction, journey, strength, and bravery to actually write about it. I would have loved details about how life took shape, and how she got herself together, once her abuser was sent to prison. That said it’s worth a read if you enjoy this genre and hearing people’s stories. 5 eye opening stars for me. Free to read on Kindle Unlimited at the time of this review.

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