Tick Tock… Countdown Begins

7 days

Good morning and happy Sunday,

I’m back to a cloudy and overcast London. I’ve had a week away in the south west of the UK at the coast, on my first ever UK/ seaside coastal holiday (longer than  a 1 day visit). We had a great time at the beach (freezing water) the zoo ( my son freak out with excitement when he saw a real lion). Now back to reality…. editing the final version of A Stranger in France ready for next month’s release date.

I’ve set myself a personal challenge so I can submit my book to the publisher and crack on finishing up the plots and writing of my 3rd book. I’m exactly 50% through the editing process of A Stranger in France, I have 14 more chapters to  go. My challenge is to complete  the last 14 chapters  in the next 7 days- by editing 2 chapters per day. This will be done around working and life! 

This is quite a big challenge, as editing does take time you’re not just reading over things you’re really reading over things almost with a different hat on. I’m finding that as well as making the minor changes my editor has recommended, I also rethinking parts that I’ve wrote. I’ve come down in word count from 93,000 originally to now 89,000 and I’m half way through.

So I hope to deliver a trimmed, exciting, romantic, suspenseful and sexy story  for you all in September.


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