Thank you so far… but

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Over my holiday last week, I was away from my blog but I was  thinking about it a lot! Especially the 3 awards I have received for it so far.The last one I received is a really special one to me ” versatile blogger.” I interpreted this as versatile writer ! Which for me is amazing as I write in 2 very different genres. I HAVE to be versatile and it’s nice to know that so far, I have managed to achieve this due to feedback from a reader with the award.

On the other hand, awards are great, I love participating with you all and answering questions so you can get to know me, and of course nominating other blogs I think are great, It’s all great fun.  But I’m here as a writer/author first, on  holiday I thought about the direction I would like my author’s website to go in after my first book is released, so I’ve decided to become an award free blog, comments, likes and interaction/conversation are really cool with me and more than enough.

I plan to continue to do  as many writing challenges as I can, those of you who have been following know I  hunt out 1 or 2 each week and blog a poem or short story according to the challenge prompt. I love participating in  this way,  I’m on the look out for more bloggers which post them for others to participate, I also plan to continue writing personal writing posts, and of course updating you on my book(s) and  magazine publications, and writing about my random thoughts and feelings on life. I also plan to interact, get to know and have fun with all of you! Nothing changes in that respect.

Thank you for the awards I have received so far, thank you for considering me for them. As of the 7th August 2016  is now award free!

With love,



Romance/Suspense & Crime Fiction Author

6 thoughts on “Thank you so far… but

  1. You sound busy! I fully understand about needing to balance out all the writing tasks in your head! I have two blogs and am writing my book, plus going to start writing for a website and don’t know how I will fit it I?!? I love getting nominated for awards too as it’s flattering, but writers also have to sleep and eat haha 🙂 Best of luck. PS. It is nice to meet another BRIT 🙂 Though London scares me and I never go there-far too busy for me. I’m a country bumpkin 😉

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