Versatile Blogger: Let’s do the happy dance


I’m actually rather honoured to be nominated for this award. I write random things, make stories up from a few word prompts some using experience, some by just being creative or getting into  another character’s head, or point of view. Thank you Eddaz  for this nomination , as a creative  writer across two genres  before ” blogger” this one means a lot to me.

7. Random Facts About Me

  1. I’ve travelled/ had a lot of holidays. I’ve been lucky to go to quite a few counties but I’ve never  had a holiday in the UK. This week for the first time  in my 33 years I will visit the coast for a few days for a holiday. 
  2. My first book to be published next month, was originally due to be my second completed book. This was the goal I set. I was working on a crime fiction story ( still am), life or the universe had other plans for me and lined up a publishing contract for the romance suspense story. I’m yet to complete my crime book… I will but I have been so engrossed in the romance genre.
  3. Before anything, I’m a mother and extremely proud and happy about this fact. I can’t and won’t imagine life without my son.
  4. I love the water, I don’t mind if it’s the pool, sea, lake, pound I just really like being near it. One of my favourite places in the world is the beach I just wish in the UK a sand one was nearer to  London and not a 3 hour train ride away.
  5. I paint my nails and toes once a week without fail, chipped polish and horrible feet are a pet hate of mine also plain nails. I like bold colours for summer and dark vampy colours for winter. That said this week I have on  a dark ” ink blue” and it’s summer!
  6. I speak French to an intermediate level
  7. At least once a  month I write a letter to a friend overseas- yes I have pen friends.

Blogs I nominate:

A lot of them I follow are award free but I’ll go with

MiracleGirl- I love the versitile writing challenges

Opinionated Man-  versatile in what he writes about, love, the world, race anything goes!

Harlem ATL- interesting reading lots of different things to look over

E. Denise Billups- interesting reading also, not often you get a writer who writes books and health stuff!

Thank you for the nomination, this one really means a lot.

4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger: Let’s do the happy dance

  1. Was just raiding your blog. Congratulations for the Award and thank you so much for considering me for my challenges. Today, I will be writing for you too. And finish my pending awards. I have read that your blog is award free now.. I’m also thinking for the same to do 😉
    Anyways, good to know about you more. 😀
    Have a great day !

    Liked by 1 person

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