Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: ‘Urban King’ #7 Anthony Monroe! #blacklivesmatteruk #blacklivesmatter #blackauthorsmatter


It’s the final two days of the male authors of colour month long promo, it’s been great showcasing talent in all genres by authors who identify as a man of colour. Today we’re still on the ‘Urban Kings’ and author #7 in this genre is Anthony Monroe. He spins his urban tales in the suspense, thriller and general African-American fiction genres.  He published his debut novel in March of this year. Let’s take a closer look…Antony M

Fun facts about Anthony:

Star sign: Cancer

Fav colour: Blue

Hobbies: Drawing

Meet The Author

Anthony Ant Monroe a.k.a Word Play is an author born, raised and currently living in Cincinnati.Ohio. He began writing just three years ago but when you read his work, you would think he has been writing forever. Anthony has the ability to create life through words from the perspective of anyone man, woman, or child. He is able to bring his own unique style of story telling to the world of urban fiction, that his readers will surely identify with. Currently Word Play is working on his first urban fiction series as well as a few other projects. He also hopes within the next year to have his own publishing company Brown Sugar Publications Presents up and running.

Here’s a book Anthony would like to share today…

Anthony BookMoses Serrano tried to walk away from the street life but family obligation called him back. Fresh off of a five-year prison bid, Dominic Serrano’s oldest son is back on the streets. For the better part of a decade, Moses has been running away from the life and legacy his father has built for him, even getting himself sent upstate to make it happen. Now that he is out with the opportunity to really make a name for himself, the streets of Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia were not safe. Everything is business as usual until he meets Brianna. Beautiful, book, and street smart, she was not just another pretty face. Brianna could hold her own in the messiest of situations. These two would begin to build a life together when he got the one phone call he thought would never come. At the insistence of his father, and much to the displeasure of his brothers, he has returned. Things are not exactly cordial between Moses and his brothers upon his return but for the sake of the family and once again at the stern insistence of his father, they somehow manage to keep the peace. All is well until all of the niceties go out the window when their father dies and word about Moses’ immediate takeover of his fathers’ organization spreads like wildfire, sides are taken and lines are drawn in the sand. After the boys end up on opposite sides of those lines, all hell breaks loose and Moses must do his best to separate the real from the fake, his friends from his enemies. In the end, will he realize before it is too late that when it comes to business, blood and money just do not mix, and when it comes to the street life, there truly is NO LOVE LOST. Check out Anthony’s debut book on Amazon here.


If you’re a fan of the urban fiction, that crosses over to other genres such as suspense!  You may wish to give this author’s Amazon page a follow here. At the time of writing he has just one book published, but I’m sure there will be more! Leave him a review too if you read his work. I’m sure he’d love it.

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