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Throwback Thursday! It’s Been a While, Tribute To Great British Talent. #throwbackthursday #music @OfficialAdeIe

Afternoon from a sunny sunny France!

I must say, RFM the French radio station is playing some real tunes this Thursday afternoon. I’m throwing back this Adele track. You all know how proud I am to be British, especially when we have so much great talent from the UK. Who remembers singing their heart out to this one? ‘ Rollin’ in the deep.’ I found a live performance of Adele, she sounds no different than she does on the radio, I’d love to go to one of her concerts. It was great to hear Adele’s vocals ring out this afternoon, in the sunshine from the garden as I settle down to the ‘day job’ and work.

Happy Thursday



Announcement: This Is Why I’ve Been Gone So Long! #CTM #amreading #easter

April Release Updated.jpgAfternoon guys!

From a somewhat changeable weather wise France. First I have to say sorry that I’ve been gone so long,  no writing prompts, no short stories, no random thoughts posts, Throw Back Thursday or Meet The Author. I’m so sorry, I have a very good reason. Writing has taken me away from my novels ( for a while) to editing a magazine. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’ve done magazine writing before and loved it! I wanted to go back, just never thought I’d cross paths with someone in California looking for an editor. My luck came in. So now I can write and edit a cool new magazine. In August 2017, we launched our first online free issues, and have been free ever since. In less than one year, we have hit the magazine stand for sale! I am so proud of my team of writers.

Conscious Talk Magazine is now sold in digital format via single issue and subscription on Magazter. Along with some big name magazines! We’ve reached a new level and will continue to work hard. Throughout April we have a first issue special price of just $1.99 until the 30th April. Also, there is  5% off the cover price online.

If you support us thank you! From all at CTM we thank you.

About us:

Conscious Talk Magazine is a magazine for the intelligent reader, who seeks more than Hollywood’s gossip! There is something for everyone. Readers will find interesting thought provoking articles. CTM’s columnists are global from Europe, USA and the middle east covering Horoscopes, Mind, Body & Soul, Fashion and Beauty, Bookish News & Reviews, Sex & Relationships, Finance, Entertainment, Black & Ethnic News, Parenting & Family, Food & Travel, World News and Conscious Thoughts to name a few. We have a team of talented and diverse writers from all corners of the globe, and walks of life, here to entertain, support and empower your mind, body and soul. Conscious Talk Magazine is neutral and does not lean to one side politically, religiously or socially. Conscious Talk Magazine is published once a month on the 30th. We have a special offer price and subscription rate for our first issue!

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That’s not all…


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Happy Easter!

We’re Back!! First January 2018 Issue Live! #CTM #amreading

That was painful, we have been offline for three whole issues! With technical errors.But we’re back. Great writers, no brilliant writers. Interesting articles covering everything from Mind, Body & Soul, parenting and family, LGBT, Black and Ethnic News, Fashion and Beauty, Sex and Relationships, Bookish News & Reviews. Honestly, there’s something for everyone. Check us out.


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Did You Request An ARC Of A Stranger In France? If So, Please Send Me Your Email Address…. I Can’t Gift You Some Addresses Are Wrong!#amreading

Thank you to those who requested a read and review copy of A Stranger In France, I have tried to gift them, one address came back as not recognised from Amazon. Please could you contact me here.  and resend your email address to gift too. I’ll resend an Amazon gifted copy again.

Thank you!

FREE DOWNLOAD! 12-14th January: REUNITED By Best Selling Romance Author Tammy Tate! #amreading @tammytateauthor @authortammytate


Grab yourself a freebie…… I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS AUTHOR’S WORK! I have read and reviewed her books with delight. I’ve got my copy grab yours, links are below.

About The Book

Ten years ago, Tara and Ryder were high-school sweethearts. After graduation, Ryder asked her to marry him but before the wedding he disappeared. Devastated, Tara left Key West and relocated to South Texas to begin a new life. She put herself through law school and landed a job with a prestigious law firm in Corpus Christi.

Ten years have gone by. Life is good. Tara purchased a red Corvette. One that she’s has always wanted but could never afford until now.

Mindy, her best friend from high-school talks her into coming back to Key West for a ten-year class reunion. Within minutes of arriving at her beach house, Tara learns that Ryder, now an ex-Marine, will be attending the same reunion and sleeping under the same roof…

They haven’t spoken in ten years. Sparks will fly!

Do you believe in second chances?

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