Haiku Horizons Writing Prompt: Rain Poem #sunday #inspiration

In response to this week’s Haiku Horizon’s writing  prompt: Rain I’ve come over all poetic.  I imagined how the rain can compare to some kind of heartache…Not often  that I even see this side of me! Thanks for the prompt Haiku Horizons. I’m way over the word limit for Haiku but, hey oh well .. I was in the zone.



Realistically, it was over before we even got started, I never thought I’d feel this broken hearted.

Apart from this broken heart, where do I start? What have I gained from our time apart? Some perspective, strength,better health and a couple more dollar bills to add to my wealth.

Intuition, I should have listened to it, I should have followed it, when  just like the rain it beat at my door. Finally, my intuition inside of me, forced me to stand on my own two feet, forced me to say there must be a better life for me.  At one point I was too weak, so chance after chance was yours to reap.

Now in solitude I feel peace.  And just like the rain slowly I’ll wash you away.

Writing Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement, Are You Ready For Change? #amwriting

Writing prompt: For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

Personally, I’m a warm hot-blooded woman! I love the sun and everything that comes with it the  beach, parks, ice cream, cute sundresses, sunglasses, sandals, pedicures and bold colour nail varnish. Without a doubt summer has to be my favourite season, followed by spring.

That said, there are a number of things I love about fall – or autumn as we call it here in the UK. Autumn is well and truly on us here in the UK, the rain, chilly wind and darker evenings are all the signs you need as a Londoner,  to know it’s time to pack away the flip flops for another year.

I’m always keen to drag out the summer months for as long as possible, but when I thought about this writing prompt when I saw it, there are a number of things I love about the change of season to autumn.

  1. An excuse to read! Oh yes, with the cold windy weather it is a great reason to stay in and cuddle up with a great book.
  2. I’m more productive as a writer in the colder months- I don’t want to go out in the wind and rain, I’d rather be behind my lap top than out in the bad weather.
  3. The fashion: There is something about autumn fashion that really gets me going, the colours of autumn are really cool.  Nice stylish winter coats and hats.Not black or grey I mean browns, golds, dark greens. I love boots, and autumn is the time when all the nice ones are in the shops. Be it ankle  or knee height I don’t mind, I just love a new pair of boots. 
  4. I love to wear scarfs – nice chunky ones with bold prints. No better time than in the autumn.
  5. The change in colour and look when it comes to make-up and nail polish. You just have to take a glance on You – Tube, as soon as 1st September comes, to see all the make-up artists show-casing their “fall make-up” as soon as August is up. Reds, berry colours, browns I love all the deep  colours when it comes to lipsticks which are perfect for this time of year. Nail colour trends turn dark and vampy out goes the pinks and pale shades in come the reds, burgundy, navy and purple shades. I love it all. 
  6. Christmas- oh yes my favourite time of year. I love Christmas not for the gifts or money spent, purely for what it represents ( to me) family time. The one time of year you get to sit down and catch up with your loved ones and friends over a great meal. All year you’ve been busy, at Christmas everything slows down and the focus ( in my house) is on family time. I really, really enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen too this time of year.
  7. Meal times- in autumn are all about soups,stews, roast dinners and nice wholesome foods, which I enjoy cooking and eating.
  8. Reflection time- often this time of year I start to look towards the new year, (yeah like two months early.) I’m already thinking about what I’d hope for, for the new year, what I want more  or less of in the new year to come. This time of year I’m very out  with the old and in with the new.
  9. The start of a new academic year: as a teacher this is the chance to really make an impact on each student’s life, by preparing them for what’s ahead. Be it an exam, coursework or the next stage of study.
  10. My son’s birthday: yep! My baby boy is a winter baby just like me when it comes to his birthday. This time of year I get to celebrate another year spent with the best toddler in the world. I always look back and see how much he’s developed I can’t believe he’s going to be three.

So I guess for me, the change of season brings around a lot of positives, especially as I’m more productive as a writer.Even if I’m not a fan of the weather, without it ( the shift from sunshine to wind and rain) I would not enjoy my usual piqued interest in fashion, be  more creativity while cooking, or start  preparation and planning for the new year. 

So yes, while I’m wishing for one more week of sunglasses and a sundress, at the same time autumn, for me personally brings around a lot of personal growth as I look towards the future. It just occurred to me while writing this, my spring time eg new-begging is not in March/April time when spring actually starts  but in autumn September/October!

How do you feel about the change in season? Does it represent anything for you? What’s your favourite season and why?