Justice for #BreonnaTaylor #StandWithBre

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, or any other race it’s pretty clear when we look at the handling of Breonna Taylor’s tragic death at the hands of the police, there has been a clear miscarriage of justice. The outcome that we’ve all learned about this week is pretty sickening– in my personal view. After George Floyd and Rayshard Brook this is a slap in the face.This morning something very strange happened to me, I actually shared the full event as a Facebook post. Basically before I got out of bed as I always do on a Sunday and most other days I closed my eyes and asked the Universe and myself ‘what’s the focus this week, where should I place my energy?’ Breonna Taylor’s face and this picture that I always see came to my mind’s eye, as clear as day. I then said to myself ‘what?’ Along came the word ‘petition.’

Weird! I journalled about it in my diary, it was a very strange experience for this to be placed in my mind’s eye. Then I did some online research around the case. Last week the editor of Aspiring Author Magazine LLC asked me for the October edition to focus on Black History month in the UK, when I submit my articles for October. I’ll also be adding something in to support Breonna Taylor’s online petitions for justice also, following what happened this morning!

I have signed these two as the concerns that the petitions express, also reflect the same concerns I have around the handling of her case, her death, the police involvement, laws, and the overall outcome. If you see the miscarriage of justice please sign and support her. #StandWithBre

Petition one: Change.org

On this link 11340,523 people have signed at the time of writing this. The target is 12,000,000 add your support!


Petition two: Stand With Bre

On this link 59,500 people have signed at the time of writing this. The target is 75,000 add your support!


About Breonna

As a full-time EMT for two hospitals in Louisville, Kentucky, Breonna Taylor was a beloved and respected essential worker during the coronavirus pandemic. That police brutality killed her, and not the virus, is a painful reflection of the state of America.

A loving daughter, caring sister, and a kind and giving friend throughout her short life, she had a servant’s heart and dedicated her entire life to helping people. 

Breonna and her hard-working family moved to Louisville, Kentucky 12 years ago looking for a better life together. They found better jobs, a welcoming community, good schools, and were happy to call Louisville their home. 

Breonna was always caring and thoughtful of others. At an early age she decided to dedicate her time to helping people. She worked with children with disabilities right after she graduated high school and spent the last several years working as an Emergency Medical Technician as she prepared to become a full-time nurse.

As proud as her family was of the good she did, they were concerned by the risks she faced serving patients impacted by the coronavirus. As an employee of not just one but two medical centers, she was living out her dream of serving others. She was truly on the front lines of the pandemic response, risking her own life every day to protect the community that she had come to love, and that loved her. 

About the case / March 13, 2020

Around 1 a.m. on March 13, while Breonna was asleep in her own bed, a rogue, renegade task force of three white male Louisville Metro Police officers with questionable records known as the Crime Interdiction Division gathered silently outside and crept through her apartment complex in the dead of night. Not a single member of the community saw or heard them. They were dressed in plain clothes and never announced themselves or knocked on Breonna’s door.

When they arrived at Breonna’s apartment, they broke the door down, burst into her home, and in a matter of seconds, they opened fire, taking Breonna’s life. The police were so wildly irresponsible and reckless, that their bullets were found in three different apartments. In total, they fired their weapons dozens of times, hitting Breonna at least 8 times, likely more. The local funeral home told the family that her body was riddled with bullets. 

The officers would later claim that they had an arrest warrant, and were executing a drug raid, and they only opened fire in self-defense. 

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who is an upstanding citizen and is beloved by Breonna’s family, was also home asleep at the time and did indeed fire on one of the police officers during the raid, but only because he thought he and Breonna were experiencing an armed robbery. The officers did not announce themselves before entering, and they were not in uniform. Kenneth actually called the police himself, assuming they were experiencing a dangerous break-in. 

No drugs were found at the scene. Breonna was not a suspect. Instead of holding the officers involved accountable, the police arrested Kenneth Walker, a licensed gun owner who was merely defending himself and his family. 

The LMPD officers responsible for Breonna’s murder are John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron just announced that the grand jury failed to indict any of the officers for Breonna Taylor’s death, and that they would indict only Officer Brett Hankison with shots fired into other apartments during this senseless killing.

Not only were these officers at the wrong home, in the wrong apartment complex, and in the wrong neighborhood, the man they were looking for had already been arrested by their department early that day.

Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: ‘Urban King’ #10 Meet Debut Author, John Mozie #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter


Wait! It’s not over, Friday last week I thought I ran out of men for this month long promo. Nope, Urban King #10 from the male authors of colour popped up! Let’s get to know a bit about him and some fun facts. Looks like we’ve got another lovely Libra, and he has just published his debut novel.

  1. Star sign: Libra
  2. Fun facts: John is a story-teller and loves fantasy. Favourite movies range from the Bourne franchise to the Marvel Heroes like Thor, The Hulk and of course, Black Panther. John also loves African folklore and pulls a lot from there in writing this book. A keen cyclist and retired comic aficionado, John loves the lure of a good story. John is also a budding poet and is currently working on a collection of poems


Here’s John’s first novel he would like to share today….

john book

When 15-year-old Siyonna does a good turn for an elderly lady in the village, she receives a gift which turns out to be more than it seems. Back in the big city with her schoolfriends, any dangers which beset them are strangely defeated by Siyonna’s contact with the gift which only she knows about. Siyonna is the youngest of her large family and the last child remaining at home with her parents, in Lagos, Nigeria. When she visits her older sister in London, she meets some violent and dangerous criminals, bent on abducting her and her friends. They see the young girls as an easy target, until Siyonna’s gift brings them a fight no-one could have predicted. A wonderful adventure story, filled with unexpected twists and turns, of a young girl’s triumph of good over evil and her unique bond with the magical powers of a beautiful gift.

Wow! Now doesn’t that sound like a good action packed and interesting read? I’ve just bought a copy. At the time of writing it’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited and under $4.00 and just £2.99 for UK readers, check out  Amazon on the below links…

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1913653692/

USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1913653692/

Japan: https://www.amazon.jp/dp/1913653692/

If you like folklore, action and adventure you may wish to give this Author’s Amazon page a follow. I am sure there will be many more books to come, please leave him a review if you check out his work, I’m sure he’d love it!

Male Authors of Colour Wk#3: Urban King #2- Erotic Fiction Author Alexzander Christion #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter

Alex A


Oh my! It’s one spicy Sunday, here is another erotic male author of colour, an interesting one! He looks very serious and he’s another Libra *face palm.*  Alexzander Christion has four books published on Amazon at the time of writing, let’s check him out.

Fun facts:  I am a 41 year old LIBRA ♎️. Army vet. Favorite color is blue. Favorite wine is MOSCATO and I am a low key hedonist. ( LOL)

Meet The Author

Male Authors of Colour Wk#3: Urban King’s Take Over! #blacklivesmatteruk #blacklivesmatter #blackauthorsmatter

Urban Kings

If you’ve been tuned in since the 1st July,  you would have met some great male authors of colour. All month, each day one author who represents a certain genre has been featured. Myself and a few other female authors have campaigned to help them reach new readers. This weekend, we’re on to the final genre ‘Urban Kings.’ Here we have a line up of ten male authors, who represent all different areas of fiction. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all ‘urban’ writers, be it fantasy,  erotica, general fiction etc they bring an urban vibe!

In the line up we have:

Alexzander Christian

Anthony Monroe

Joel Daniel

Teddy Mack

Nick Adams

Kevin Casey

Thomas J

Julian Foster

Author Pugh

Mike Wilson

We’ll get to know some fun facts, interests and a little bit about what each author brings to their urban genre. I’m rather looking forward to this group, as there is a big misconception that there are not many authors of colour who rep the fantasy or paranormal genre. I had this discussion just last week with a fellow reader and author on Facebook!  There are many of them, they just need to be elevated.

If you’d like to catch up on what you’ve missed from the 1st July, we had the ‘Street Lit Kings’ week one, week two ‘Book Boyfriends/romance/poetry and non-fiction’ and the final week ‘Urban Kings.’  Just look back and the most recent blog posts to meet authors and their books.

On reflection I must say that I am really happy and proud, to have come up with this month long promo. As I said in my previous posts Dear African American Man, and  Why Does He Trigger You   I am a mother to a Black- British male who is just six, and my boyfriend is an African American man, from a state where the police are far from kind to black men. The UK is not innocent in it’s handling of Black-British men either, we’ve had cases like George Floyd. I covered this in my article  in the up and coming July issue of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC which can be checked out here.  So, it’s really important to me that the world starts to change, following George  Floyd and Rayshard Brook’s deaths at the hands of police officers.  I will do all that I can to help support this demographic of men, who are often tossed aside, hurt, killed, and looked at as if they are some kind of public enemy number one. My son simply can not grow up in this environment,  he deserves better as he grows up, and so does every man who identifies as a man of colour. Regardless of his descent be it Black-British, Caribbean, African, African-American, Asian etc.

So as we enter the last week of promo for male authors of colour, let’s not forget that #BlackLivesMatter and they always will, until statistics can dispute the fact that the lives of black men are under threat, and have been for sometime. No one can dispute this, especially when you use statistics to prove it. By saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ does not mean no one else does, it just means in order for ‘All Lives  Matter’ to have any real meaning or relevance,  we need to recognise that  black lives are and have historically  been wiped out brutally by police, and racism is still very much alive. I make no apology for saying it or supporting it #blacklivesmatter.

Have a wonderful weekend! We’ll kick off with the final group here soon.

Book Boyfriend/ Romance Author #1 : What d’ya Know About Author Asar? #BlackAuthorsMatter #amreading #romance

AsarHappy Sunday! Let’s get to know Author Asar, the first of our Book Boyfriends and  male Romance Authors of colour .  I have found that this author’s book covers really do speak to me, from what I’ve seen on Facebook he has some wonderful designs. Author Asar is signed to the publishing label Major Key, he has around seventeen books published in the romance genre, from a quick glance at his Amazon page That’s a LOT of books to discover!

Asar is a graduate of Gwynedd-Mercy University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. A lover of art, he has been writing since high school with the support of his family. Living in Philly, he works with children with autism as well as working for the Free Library of Philadelphia.

I recommend that all romance lovers give Author Asar a try, I certainly will be.  His book cover’s give off a pure love and sensuality vibe. Not only that he comes across as a man with a tender side for sure, judging by his Facebook posts he often posts while he’s in the middle of a writing sprint. He also shares a lot of the time  very positive and loving posts about women (cue the hugs and kisses for Asar). Some of his posts also have a very spiritual and uplifting feel to them. On the 23rd June he released a new romance called, ‘When Love Comes Down’. It has a five star review on and could be worth a look into as well.  This was a cover that caught my eye on Facebook last month.

Fun Facts About Author Asar

Hails from– Philadelphia

Star Sign- Gemini

Favourite Colour– Red

Hobbies– Reading comic books

Here’s a book that Author Asar is ‘very passionate about’ in his own words, that he would like to share:


Accidentally in Love by [Asar, Jay Pen Literary Services]

Childhood traumas brought Keonte and Shea together so many years ago. Growing up, they truly became friends with benefits, but in the sexual sense of the term. They grew up almost like siblings; inspiring, motivating, and pushing each other to be the best versions of themselves.

It would look to everyone around them that the two are in a relationship although Shea has been married for two years. However, Shea’s happy marriage isn’t all it looks to be. She’s controlled and cheated on by her wealthy husband, Jason, leading her to reach out to Keonte for peace and freedom.

But what happens when one fateful night, Keonte and Shea cross the one line they’ve never crossed before. After a heated night of bliss, a passionate affair begins and friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning for the two.
Keonte and Shea have always been friends with benefits, but will now going beyond the benefits cost them the greatest friendship they’ve ever had?

Check this book out on Amazon here.

To see all of Author Asar’s romance books check out his Amazon page here, and please leave him a review if you enjoy. I’m sure he’d appreciate it!

What’s On Your Mind, Right Now?: Male Authors of Colour #amreading

Taking  a writing prompt of my own from 365 Days of  Writing Prompts for Romance Writers, this is exactly what’s on my mind right now. Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing a lot about the current state of affairs, when it comes to men of colour, their position in society and police brutality.  As I reflected it kind of got me thinking about their ‘position’ in my own industry as a writer. So I decided that on #BlackOutDay2020 which I wrote about here a few weeks back,  a day of solidarity I’d do a day where I do nothing but promote male authors of colour, regardless of his descent be it Asian-Indian Chinese, black or anything else. I had such an overwhelming response, while looking for authors from this demographic on Facebook! From women nominating men, and men putting themselves forward. So, instead a group of us will do promo for this demographic of authors all month from the 1st-31st July.

Why am I doing this?

Frankly, I’ve not been happy for a long time with how men of colour are treated generally within society at times, I will not say sorry for saying this either. I’m a mother of a black boy, I want the world to a better place for him when I’m gone. I also have black men I love and care for in my life, and hate hearing about the hardship, racism, and profiling they experience on a day to day basis.  As a writer, I feel that this demographic of authors don’t often get their voices heard, and are placed into a box of ‘urban’, as if that’s all they write. I wish to give something back in the best way I can, from behind the laptop. I can’t protest #blacklivesmatter or #blacklivesmatteruk due to having people with delicate health at home, and myself also falling into this category. The risk of non-social distancing could mean life or death put bluntly, but if we never had Covid-19 happening right now, I’d be on the streets! Protesting the hell out of it, after seeing George Floyd and Rayshard Brook’s deaths this year, as well as the countless cases I’ve followed in every corner of the world over the years, I’m fed up with the police’s brutality and racist behaviour generally from society. I can’t protest in person, so I’ll write about as a writer at Aspiring Authors Magazine to bring attention where needed, support the community and keep the movement going.

When you look at these men what do you see? Drug dealers, bums, aggressive men do they trigger you?? I hope not.  Some are husbands, fathers, grandfathers, uncles etc. They are human and beautiful! Most importantly, they are all well respected and hard-working authors, with published books worth checking out. Or at least getting to know a bit about them, before they are prejudged. They deserve readership, sales, and gaining fans like all authors do. From next week in all genres from romance, poetry, non-fiction and of course urban fiction you’ll learn a little bit about each one. Myself and a handful of other women will be celebrating men of colour in the literary world! Stay tuned.

Men of Colour Promo Pic






Sunday Free Reading, Goodies, and News From Author LaSasha Flame. #amreading

Lasasha news

Happy Sunday, happy to share with you today yet another author dedicated to supporting #blacklivesmatter and #blacklivesmatteruk, here’s a newsletter from Author LaSasha Flame, filled with news, goodies, free reads and some authors of colour she’s showcasing this month! Check out her letter here on this link.

Freedom Was Granted But, Don’t Lose Focus Now. #freedom #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk


I want to take a moment to acknowledge today from overseas, as many African-Americans  across the water  might be celebrating! The date 19th June or Juneteenth freedom  was granted for ancestors from slavery . It’s a day to remember, no doubt.  You know what’s funny I posted on Facebook today a celebration message for this demographic of people, and last night I posted a very important clip of Rayshard Brook’s unfortunate encounter with the police in Atlanta on the 12th June, showing how he was not resisting arrest and no threat. Do you know I lost two Facebook friends, laugh as I write this, and I laughed when I noticed also.

Why? Because  firstly, it shows a high level of ignorance  that’s still out there, people are still unwilling to face facts, that statistics support the argument that there is a serious problem with law enforcement towards men of colour. Secondly,  that some are  still unwilling to accept that a person of colour would want to express celebration for freedom, that should have rightfully been theirs anyway. Now, if that bothers you, you need to get over yourself and remember who the victims are here, and have historically  been.

It certainly is not law enforcement, and it certainly is not those who choose to not want to be friends with a person of colour highlighting celebration of a key date, and that white  male police officers in the USA and where I’m from have a lot to answer for. You can’t dispute it, the statistics are too strong.

So happy June 19th my African-American cousins!! Us overseas rejoice with you, and support your fight for equality ( again after all these years), so that people can ‘get their foot of your neck’ as Malcolm X once said!

Have a wonderful day, and everyday that we have freedom from racist, derogatory, and downright disrespectful behaviour, and the right to  not be killed at the drop of a hat. You continue the fight! We salute and stand by you overseas have a wonderful day.

With love