Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: ‘Urban King’ #10 Meet Debut Author, John Mozie #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter


Wait! It’s not over, Friday last week I thought I ran out of men for this month long promo. Nope, Urban King #10 from the male authors of colour popped up! Let’s get to know a bit about him and some fun facts. Looks like we’ve got another lovely Libra, and he has just published his debut novel.

  1. Star sign: Libra
  2. Fun facts: John is a story-teller and loves fantasy. Favourite movies range from the Bourne franchise to the Marvel Heroes like Thor, The Hulk and of course, Black Panther. John also loves African folklore and pulls a lot from there in writing this book. A keen cyclist and retired comic aficionado, John loves the lure of a good story. John is also a budding poet and is currently working on a collection of poems


Here’s John’s first novel he would like to share today….

john book

When 15-year-old Siyonna does a good turn for an elderly lady in the village, she receives a gift which turns out to be more than it seems. Back in the big city with her schoolfriends, any dangers which beset them are strangely defeated by Siyonna’s contact with the gift which only she knows about. Siyonna is the youngest of her large family and the last child remaining at home with her parents, in Lagos, Nigeria. When she visits her older sister in London, she meets some violent and dangerous criminals, bent on abducting her and her friends. They see the young girls as an easy target, until Siyonna’s gift brings them a fight no-one could have predicted. A wonderful adventure story, filled with unexpected twists and turns, of a young girl’s triumph of good over evil and her unique bond with the magical powers of a beautiful gift.

Wow! Now doesn’t that sound like a good action packed and interesting read? I’ve just bought a copy. At the time of writing it’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited and under $4.00 and just £2.99 for UK readers, check out  Amazon on the below links…




If you like folklore, action and adventure you may wish to give this Author’s Amazon page a follow. I am sure there will be many more books to come, please leave him a review if you check out his work, I’m sure he’d love it!

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