Male Authors of Colour Wk#3: Urban King’s Take Over! #blacklivesmatteruk #blacklivesmatter #blackauthorsmatter

Urban Kings

If you’ve been tuned in since the 1st July,  you would have met some great male authors of colour. All month, each day one author who represents a certain genre has been featured. Myself and a few other female authors have campaigned to help them reach new readers. This weekend, we’re on to the final genre ‘Urban Kings.’ Here we have a line up of ten male authors, who represent all different areas of fiction. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all ‘urban’ writers, be it fantasy,  erotica, general fiction etc they bring an urban vibe!

In the line up we have:

Alexzander Christian

Anthony Monroe

Joel Daniel

Teddy Mack

Nick Adams

Kevin Casey

Thomas J

Julian Foster

Author Pugh

Mike Wilson

We’ll get to know some fun facts, interests and a little bit about what each author brings to their urban genre. I’m rather looking forward to this group, as there is a big misconception that there are not many authors of colour who rep the fantasy or paranormal genre. I had this discussion just last week with a fellow reader and author on Facebook!  There are many of them, they just need to be elevated.

If you’d like to catch up on what you’ve missed from the 1st July, we had the ‘Street Lit Kings’ week one, week two ‘Book Boyfriends/romance/poetry and non-fiction’ and the final week ‘Urban Kings.’  Just look back and the most recent blog posts to meet authors and their books.

On reflection I must say that I am really happy and proud, to have come up with this month long promo. As I said in my previous posts Dear African American Man, and  Why Does He Trigger You   I am a mother to a Black- British male who is just six, and my boyfriend is an African American man, from a state where the police are far from kind to black men. The UK is not innocent in it’s handling of Black-British men either, we’ve had cases like George Floyd. I covered this in my article  in the up and coming July issue of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC which can be checked out here.  So, it’s really important to me that the world starts to change, following George  Floyd and Rayshard Brook’s deaths at the hands of police officers.  I will do all that I can to help support this demographic of men, who are often tossed aside, hurt, killed, and looked at as if they are some kind of public enemy number one. My son simply can not grow up in this environment,  he deserves better as he grows up, and so does every man who identifies as a man of colour. Regardless of his descent be it Black-British, Caribbean, African, African-American, Asian etc.

So as we enter the last week of promo for male authors of colour, let’s not forget that #BlackLivesMatter and they always will, until statistics can dispute the fact that the lives of black men are under threat, and have been for sometime. No one can dispute this, especially when you use statistics to prove it. By saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ does not mean no one else does, it just means in order for ‘All Lives  Matter’ to have any real meaning or relevance,  we need to recognise that  black lives are and have historically  been wiped out brutally by police, and racism is still very much alive. I make no apology for saying it or supporting it #blacklivesmatter.

Have a wonderful weekend! We’ll kick off with the final group here soon.

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