Book Review- ‘Right For The Job’ by Laura Westbrook (Billionaire Romance) 4 Yummy Stars. Mmmm He’s Yummy!

Right For The JobThank you to this author for an ARC in exchange for an honest review, it’s been a minute since I’ve read a good Billionaire romance, featuring a yummy rich man! The cover pulled me in, I do like a man in a suit. I really enjoyed this novella, the main guy reminded me of  E.L James’ Christen Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey… let’s get into this review…


She knows she’s right for the job. The only person standing in her way is Shane Bennett.

Amanda works hard. At twenty-three, she has her life planned out and her career is on the rise. This interview is her big chance. She’s prepared and ready to nail it. But she isn’t expecting Shane Bennett to walk through that door.

Shane’s only visiting Amanda’s branch. It’s a courtesy. He doesn’t expect to meet the love of his life. But now that he has, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her.

If you enjoy steamy romance stories with alpha men, guilty pleasures, happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a touch over-the-top, then you’ll love Right For the Job. Get your fix with a story that hits the spot and doesn’t take all year to read.

Kim’s Review- 4 Yummy Stars!

I do love rich and successful men in my romance, but I prefer them when they’re not too arrogant in how they treat females, due to their riches. The whole control factor I’m not a big fan of. This novella features a great male lead I liked Shane from the get go, right off the bat his coolness, the dry sarcastic personality at times, and of course he’s successful  business. What I really enjoyed about this novella is the characters themselves. I was drawn to Shane’s vibe, and his way of ‘getting what he wanted’ his girl! The female lead she too is like-able, but has a very innocent way about her.

The story flowed well, there’s a great steamy moment between these two. And I found the author did a good job too! The story to me ended in an unexpected way,  which I liked and enjoyed. While I guessed something right ( no spoilers), I did not expect Shane to allow Amanda to be a ‘career woman’. I half expected the author to follow the pack and turn her into a rich man’s wife! Kudos to Laura Westbrook for breaking the norm.

Overall, this is a quick moving novella, and yes there is insta-love, so if you’re not a fan of this keep this in mind. But what I will say is  the insta-love is realistic, I have read some  ‘insta-love’ that just make me shake my head in disappointment, and cringe. Given the way these two meet and the work environment, and how it ties in with the story for me it was believable and realistic. And  let’s face it sometimes we meet people and ‘just know’ we want them, as our hero Shane did. Four yummy stars from me for a yummy male lead, well written story, good flow and a happy ever after that was unexpected. I would recommend this author to all those who like contemporary romance, rich men ,  billionaire romances, and of course don’t mind  insta-love.  I would read more from this author. Connect with her here

And it’s free on Kindle Unlimited to read also at the time of this review, check out Right For The Job here on Amazon.


Sharing Some Goodies With you This February…

So it’s February, that can only mean one thing, romance authors are taking over! Here’s some goodies to dive into below.

30 plus romanceIf you appreciate romance for your age range click here and discover some great authors! Books are on KU also.

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Free Download Until 14th February – Father Figure By James Cudney!


We all love a freebie, grab this one until the 14th February on Amazon as a free download.


Between the fast-paced New York City, a rural Mississippi town and a charming Pennsylvania college campus filled with secrets, two young girls learn the consequences of growing up too quickly.

Abused by her mother, Amalia Graeme longs to escape her desolate hometown and fall in love. Contemplating her loss of innocence and conflicting feelings between her boyfriend and the dangerous attraction for an older man, Amalia faces life-altering tragedies.

Brianna Porter, a sassy, angst-ridden New York City teenager, yearns to find her life’s true purpose, conquer her fear of abandonment, and interpret an intimidating desire for her best friend, Shanelle. Desperate to find the father whom her mother refuses to reveal, Brianna accidentally finds out a shocking truth about her missing parent.

Set in alternating chapters two decades apart, the parallels between their lives and the unavoidable collision that is bound to happen is revealed. Father Figure is an emotional story filled with mystery, romance, and suspense.

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James 2

Rambles, Chit Chat and Works In Progress…


I’ve not done one of these blogs for a long time, and I’m really excited to finally be back at my laptop writing a  blog post! So today I finally managed to finish off writing the end of a paranormal story that Didi sent me. You may remember the post I did way back in 2017 ‘The hardest scene you’ve ever had to write’   I wrote this on Christmas Eve 2017! I was pondering ‘how the hell do I finish up this story?’, ‘what can I do with this?’ it’s the start of a story she sent me for Blurred Lines- The Suspenseful Collection Volume 2. Just over two years later I finally cracked it!! LOL I am so not a paranormal writer, this was a challenge and I am so glad I done it. This is just one of the things I’ve loved about collaborating on this anthology, writing in other genres and being stretched to my limits.

So now we need to start one more story each from our last conversation, for the other to finish. I have made a start on one, and will be sending it to her this week. Then we’re done! And collection two needs to go to editing.

Work In Progress…

In other news, I signed on the dotted line with my new publishing house I still can’t believe it has happened after all the submissions I made, for Sacrifices. It’s a historical romantic suspense, novel I penned last April 2019. And for the first time I will share the blurb that I’ve written….

What if twenty-five years later a forbidden first love reappears, could you forgive the past sacrifices you made to rekindle your love? 

Sacrifices is a powerful romance story with historic and suspenseful events, that take place between Jane and Louis, both from different worlds yet they become caught up in a heart-felt forbidden love story. Starting from the 1960s jazz scene in London. In the present day and past, readers are taken back through Jane’s experiences as a twenty-seven-year-old jazz singer, forced to make life changing decisions based on a sudden change of events between her, and her lover Louis from Jackson, Mississippi. As a young woman Jane works hard to make a name for herself , she has dreams, hopes and a burning desire to leave London for New Orleans with her best friend and Louis. Her dreams came crashing down in a bitter sweet love story and fight for survival, that Louis is part of. Twenty-five years later Jane and Louis’ paths cross, unexpectedly on a Greek island, during an exotic cruise around the Mediterranean they both go on. Sparks fly, old feelings from the past surface, a love triangle begins and unexplained questions from the past unfold for both characters. Causing them to both question whether they can forgive the past and grow together. 

Sacrifices is a romantic, suspenseful story, with a throwback to a classic era that draws readers into the events of the time, that surround Jane and Louis’ demise, and love story. Set in the backdrop of the 1960s jazz scene, the present day, and exotic Mediterranean paradise. 

Sounds cool right? I’m excited, of course this blurb may change but this is what I’ve drafted.  I sent back the book cover brief to the publisher over the weekend. I’m really keen to see what they come up with based on my vision of the cover. The release day I am awaiting for them to schedule but it will be 2020 I imagine spring or summer time. It will be in paperback, ebook, and I hope audio too!

So while I am awaiting the edits of Sacrifices, I’m finishing off my project with Didi for April, and finishing off writing the last half of my romantic crime thriller.  I keep banging on about this, and really wanna complete it! This week I will share a snippet from it. I’ve told my new ‘home’ about this WIP . They’ve  asked me to send over the outline and  an expected completion date. If they like it,  and contract the crime thriller to publish also with Sacrifices , that would just be the icing on the cake for me too! These are the two projects I am focusing on now.


Well the year has started off well for me I must say, busy but none-the-less really well. Spring seems to be in the air also, we’ve a few nice warmish days, and I must say I look forward to it arriving.

I have some author interviews lined up that I look forward to sharing with you, one author in particular who I just loved reading their novel. And a good dose of book reviews will be coming your way this week. I’ve read a couple good reads already and we’re only in February!

This Friday I will turn thirty-seven I can’t believe it, and a girlfriend of mine this morning said ‘we’re heading out for lunch’, which will be nice I look forward to it.

And it’s the school holiday here, so I have two weeks off at home which I am looking forward to. To have some quality time with my family. The time goes so fast I can’t believe the first break is here.

And that’s about it guys a little update on WIP and where I’m at and what’s coming up. I hope you’re all doing well? Oh yes, before I forget I did my first ever interview myself that was live. You can catch that here on this link.

Also Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair is now live too!!

So, I’ll catch you later this week with review, interviews and more.

Much Love





Podcast Interview @ Fiction Addiction

Afternoon guys

interview-905535_1280A couple of weeks ago I did my first ever real live interview. I spend so much time interviewing other authors, and hardly do them myself. When the opportunity presented itself I thought, why the hell not!? So here it is. I really enjoyed being put on the spot about how to self-publish, how to approach publishers and agents, laughing and joking etc. The host even read one of my books and enjoyed it LOL which surprised me. If you want to list in click the link below.

Listen in to the interview on this link



#review #5stars Chances, a Puerto Rican Love Affair, by Kim Knight #Newrelease

Thank you for reading!

Didi Oviatt


I read this whole book yesterday from cover to cover in one day – two sittings! Chances, a Puerto Rican Love Affair is book three in Kim Knight’s romance set in paradise series, but each book can be read as a stand alone. It’s smooth pace, paired with a few insanely suspenseful scenes makes it a very easily devoured book! The characters are realistic, memorable, and relatable, especially Gabby the main character. Along with her bestie in Spain Valentino, and her new found girlfriends in Puerto Rico Pricilla and Sonia. Then there’s Chris, the questionable long distance cheater, and Mateo the family man with great business potential that meets Gabby’s eye while traveling for work. Each character is drawn up well, and quickly wiggles their way into your heart.

Gabby is a real estate agent, and after having a rough patch and breaking off her long distance relationship…

View original post 712 more words

It’s Release Day! Out Now On Kindle Unlimited Also #amreading

Chances ebookSuper excited guys! It’s live…. on Amazon today! 2.99 only!

Would you risk a second chance, 4,000 miles away in paradise?

Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair is book three of the Romance Set In Paradise Series. Of romantic, steamy and suspenseful stand-alone novella length stories, all set in exotic locations around the world. Each one can be read as a stand-alone book.

Thirty-one year old Gabby from Barcelona, Spain has a love for the finer things in life including successful men. She finds herself in need of a change of scene. Opportunity knocks when the European company she works for as a successful estate agent, selling properties to elite clientele expand. Giving her the chance to take a one month work sabbatical, in the beautiful vibrant Caribbean island Puerto Rico. She snaps up the chance to leave Europe behind. Here her path crosses with thirty-five year old Puerto Rican born Mateo Sanchez. A former ‘bad boy’ turned entrepreneur. They touch each other on a physical and soul level, the two become connected. Thing is, while the passion, heat and romance builds between the two, the pair’s love affair becomes caught up in a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal from the past.

Mateo and Gabby fight hard for their blossoming relationship, and against the drama that keeps following them. But there are decisions and sacrifices to make if they are really going to make it work. There’s nothing that Mateo won’t do to show his growing admiration for Gabby, even when the police get involved and he’s in the hot seat. His hand is forced he’s pushed to make moves he promised he would never do again, due to past events and to move forward with Gabby. Gabby is faced with the decision over what sacrifices she’ll make, and where she really sees her future. Back in Spain, London or 4,000 miles away in Puerto Rico. Romance, soul mate connection, heat, lies, betrayal and brushes with the law await readers in this exciting multicultural ‘second chance’ romance.

Check it out here!