Book Review: ‘Chance At Love’ by DaKiara (AA Contemporary Romance) 4 lovely stars! #amreading #romance

Aww I really am a sucker for these cute little novella love stories. I came across this author’s work on Facebook, it was on pre-sale for just .99 cent so I snapped it up! This is the first romance I have read by the author, but I have read her book of poetry, which was an excellent five star read for me. Let’s get into what I enjoyed with the romance!

chance at love

Holly Mitchell thought she had it all, a successful career, owns her own home, a best friend who would get her out of any jam she found herself in. But the one thing she desired most in life was missing—someone to spend her life with. So, she decides to delve into the tumultuous world of online dating.

Brandon Thompson has always been there through thick and thin for his best friend, Holly

has seen him through some dark days with his constant relationship drama. When Holly tells him, she has started internet dating, his whole world shifts. He realizes that he might have more than friendship on his mind.
Will the two best friends realize that they have some deep seeded feelings for each other, or will they continue the cycle of random hookups and short-lived relationships?


Kim’s Review 4 Enjoyable Stars

This is a classic ‘friends to lovers’ story between Holly and Brandon.  Both characters for me were extremely likable on the off set. I did fall for them both and what they really wanted in life and love. I found that the story flowed well, it held my attention, I read it in one sitting. I enjoyed the journey that both characters go on from friends to lovers. The writing style was nice and easy to follow too. My only feeling as I read was that, I would have loved if the author allowed the characters to lead me, and showed rather than told parts.  Things characters did, conversations they had, or who said what to who. For me as  just one reader I would have loved to have seen this play out, in dialogue or character’s actions, rather than being told what had happened. This did not spoil my enjoyment, but it for sure could and always does develop the reading experience.  I could feel closer to the characters and experience their situation,  be pulled in deeper– show me it. Let them (characters) do it and lead, with less narrative from the author. But like I said, this is just me as one reader. Do not let this put you off this is a wonderful novella, I do recommend it.

Holly and Brandon initially are both looking for love in other places, however while this drama plays out ( which was fun to read about),  there are two other men that take an interest in Holly via a dating app. This is the plot twist… I guessed it. No spoilers from me at all. Oh no! That does not mean the plot is predictable, far from it I just saw it coming,  maybe as I tried to imagine  how Holly and Brandon would become one. This is a really sweet and touching  plot, with plenty of moments that made me personally smile even if imagined what the author had in store correctly before the end.

Overall, this was a lovely introduction to the author’s romance stories, and I would for sure read more no doubt about it I am a fan. I do highly recommend that all lovers of contemporary romance give this novella a try.  It’s less than $2.00 at the time of writing this,  and free to read on Kindle Unlimited so why not! Get wrapped up in Brandon and Holly’s  sweet and beautiful ‘friends to lovers’ story, you won’t regret it. We need more of these beautiful stories especially in the African -American genre.  Four enjoyable stars from me. Check out Amazon here.

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