Vampires Lurking WIP WRITING CHALLENGE #kdsuspense @kimknightauthor #witchreads #vampires #flashfiction

Didi Oviatt -Author


One week. For one whole week that smell has practically taken control of me. It’s like a tidal wave washed over my neighborhood and as the water settled, the scent of it was left to linger everywhere — in and on every single item of my home. This smell is like a luscious chemical in the air, clinging to everything it floats past. Which means only one thing. Whoever has blood this strong, is close. Very close. Possibly even next door. It’s a salty, petulant smell, sort of like the sea itself. I’ve never smelt anything like it. What’s even more odd, is that it doesn’t make me thirst. My throat doesn’t itch to suck down every last drop, like it does with most humans, especially the youthfully spirited ones. It only makes me curious, and wanting. Weird enough, it turns me on. The very first second that it…

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