Day #84

Oh as the deadline for submission to my publisher draws near I am now getting  REALLY excited for the book, and the characters in the book. I’m now wrapping up the story and around 75,000 words deep pre editing!

Today, I was thinking about the way stories end, and  as a writer you always aim to please your readers, however what if the ending you have in mind is not a happy ending for all characters? This is not the case with my story, what I’ve plot out is some kind of happy ending that’s satisfying; however a few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine she to is writing a novel (or has been writing this novel for some time), her predicament is that her ending is not  too pretty. We discussed whether an ending in a story ALWAYS needs to be happy; personally I don’t feel it always has to be what do you think? Life  is not always pretty and if you’re writing a plot line with rather deep or serious issues sometimes things may not turn out pretty in reality. Also sometimes it’s  refreshing to read something that’s not all sunshine and roses. This is just my view.

I encouraged my friend to keep writing, and write what feels natural if there is a death, suicide, murder or something a bit ”unpretty” at the end of the plot so be it! Yes, 9/10 readers may want a nice ending but reality needs to also be considered also.

So my question is, when it comes to your reading pleasure do you always need a happy ending? Does genre play a part in whether an ending should be happy or not? When it comes to the  romance genre (as that’s what I’m writing now) do you as a romance reader need a pretty, happy and loved up ending or not? Do you feel dissatisfied if you don’t have this in a romance genre book?

These questions I feel are good research into the genre to see what  romance readers generally feel and think… let me know your thoughts with a comment.


4 thoughts on “Day #84

  1. No I feel even a romantic novel does not have to have a happy or pretty ending. I wanted so much for Jojo Moyes book me before you to end happily ever after but that was not the case and I feel that made it more real. Life is not fair, nor pretty.


    • A great example and a great book to! I agree with you here it was far from a pretty ending, in fact I never even saw that ending coming I hoped that the main character would change his mind about ending his own life. Hummm food for thought.

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  2. Saluuuut!
    I think a happy ending can be great, but also an “uncertain ending” like: everything is ok, but there are still many things to build up and the reader can imagine what it can be…
    A tragic end can also be good… It depends on the storyline I guess…
    This answer don’t look like an answer hehe.
    All the best!


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