Throwback Thursday! It’s 1976 and ‘Everyone Loves The Sunshine.’ #music #throwback

Oh man, it’s been a beautiful week so far in France, it’s reached 30 degrees by about 11.00 a.m – 12.00 noon each day! I’ve loved the sunshine we’ve had, considering I have two weeks off, as it’s the school holiday here in France for children. This week I’m taking my four year old bundle of energy to the zoo with a few of his friends. Which should be fun, and trying to locate a foot pump so I can pump up his small paddling pool in the garden, for him and his friends to splash around.

So  far this week  (in the sunshine), the team and I have finanlised issue #2 of Conscious Talk magazine, on sale on the 30th April. Now, I’m free to  ‘ throw it back creatively’ and fit in a little fiction writing, and get back to my romance I’m working on. Also finish off the bonus story Didi sent me for our Suspenseful Collection volume #2.  So we can publish that! She’s been waiting on me since Christmas! You wanna know a secret, I still can’t write that second half of a really good paranormal story she sent me. I wrote about that nail biting experience too, it really is the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write! 

But I’ll do it, I’ve realised all I need to do is switch on a different area of my creative brain.

Happy Thursday and I hope wherever you are there’s lots of sunshine, let’s throw it back to 1976 with Roy Ayrs with ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’.

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