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It’s been a pleasure to meet author Mariah Ankenman while she’s on tour. I’m currently lapping up the pages of  her book Love on The Forbidden Side, I will  post a review this weekend!  In the meantime let’s get to know Mariah’s style…

Hello nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about you where are you from and other than writing what else do you enjoy?

Hello! Thank you for hosting me today. I’m from the beautiful state of Colorado and other than writing I love to read, hike, ski, crochet, and play my ukulele.

How did you start writing? What was your inspiration to create?

I’m a child of a professional clown (yes, really) so I’ve always been involved in the creative arts. I started writing by helping my mother write out clown skits for performances. My inspiration to create comes from my desire to make the world a little brighter.

Kim: My mouth actually fell open, I’m not kidding. What a job… a professional clown.

Who is your favourite author, is there anyone out there that inspires you?

Oh no, please don’t make me choose! Lol. I have many authors I enjoy and admire, but my tops are: Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Nicole Helm, Cynthia Eden, Terry Brooks and Christopher Moore.

What genre do you enjoy reading?

Romance! I also enjoy fantasy, comedy, and thriller.

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Deadlines. Before I was published the only deadlines I had were the ones I gave myself. Now I have specific times when I must turn my novels in so I have to be on top of the ball. I schedule my writing time very strictly now.

Kim: Hmmm I hear that, I find that sometimes deadlines help you to turn in your best work though, the pressure, it’s like every word counts (even more) so make it good no time to mess around.

So you’ve published a series, what is the series about?

My series is about the small, fictional town of Peak Town, Colorado set in the Rocky Mountains. I grew up in a small mountain town so it has parallels to my childhood home. Small towns are wonderful and crazy at times. Everyone knows everyone else. You can’t get away with anything and the gossip mill rivals the biggest tabloids, but it’s also filled with loving people who truly care about their neighbours.

What was it like creating back to back stories that link?

It’s a blast, but sometimes tough because you have to keep the details straight. I usually keep a series bible where I have all the character info for everyone in the series plus any important details pertaining to setting or backstories. I love writing series. It always seems that those secondary characters you put in demand a story of their own. Though my books do link together, they can all be read as stand-alones too.

Kim: I think this is the best type of series for readers, when you can dip into anyone. I am reading the latest one, and so far I’m not confused so you have done a good job with the “able to read as stand alone.” 🙂

Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? If you could what genre would you like to dabble in?

Fantasy. I started out writing straight fantasy. I still have a few of those stories and I might do something with them someday, but the moment I discovered Romance I was hooked.

What has been your most proud moment as an author?

Being nominated for the Golden Heart® award from the Romance writers of America®.

Kim: aww nominations really touch you, unforgettable experience.Well done you for the nomination, I hope more come your way.

Was there ever a time you wanted to pick up your laptop, and then launch it out the window with frustration?

Every. Single. Day.


Are you a “plotter” or a fly by the seat of your pants “pantster” as a writer?

Plotter. I started out as a pantster, but it took me far too long to finish a book. Now I do a scene-by-scene outline before I start writing.

Am I the only one who gets hung up on commas? Do they make you go blah! when you’re writing?

Commas are the bane of my existence. I always use too many or too few. Thank goodness for editors!

Kim: I put them where a breath seems natural, it appears that everyone breathes differently…  or I talk too fast?? There’s a thought. Mine are moved… a lot

Every writer has a word(s) that they always slip up on when they write, then slap their forehead when they notice their typo. For me it’s further and farther exit or exists- but hey I’m over it now.  Do you have a word (s) that make you go blah! Go away not another damn typo.

I have dyslexia so I mix up letters all the time, but my most common slip up is writing form when I mean to write from.

Kim: I actually do that too, you’re not alone!

What three tips would you give any aspiring writer?

  1. Never stop reading.
  2. Never stop writing.
  3. Never stop reaching for your dreams.

What are you working on now? What will you release next?

I am currently working on edits for the 5th Peak Town Book: Love on the Free Side as well as edit on the 2nd in my paranormal series: Daemon Deception. Both will be released within the next year.

Kim: Keep us posted! I hope to finish #4 this weekend great to hear #5 is on the way.

So…where can we get your books?

E-copies of my books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and The Wild Rose Press. Paperback versions are available at Amazon and The Wild Rose Press

What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to?

Whatever gives them the most helpful advice. For me, I enjoy the Romance Writers Report.

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

Confidence is important in any career, but a big ego does not help anybody. No one is perfect and everyone can learn something new. It’s important to remember mistakes are always made, but more importantly, you can learn from them.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

If my character has a career I’m unfamiliar with I like to interview people in that career. I also do a lot of Internet research and in person visits to places that might be in my book, like visiting a horse ranch. The amount of time spent on research depends on the depth of the subject.

Kim: boy would I love  to go to the location of my stories. I would have seen a lot of exotic islands by now. If only I had that opportunity.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Yes I do. I love it when someone says they enjoyed my book. I feel very honoured when they allow my characters to live in their hearts. The bad ones I try to learn from. Fiction is subjective and you aren’t going to please everyone, but sometimes there is valid criticism you can learn from in a bad review.

What was your hardest scene to write?

The last scene of the Peak Town series. It’s hard to say goodbye to a place that lives in your heart.

Do you Google yourself?

Yes *hangs head in shame* but if I don’t put in my last name it’s just a bunch of info on Mariah Carey, lol.

Kim: LOL .. I wonder why ? Surly this Mariah is worth knowing on a first name basis only! 

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Four to six weeks depending on the length of the book.

What would you like readers to know?

As authors we are so nervous you aren’t going to like a book. We feel as though we’ve let you down when you don’t enjoy it. It’s okay not to like a book, but please be kind if you feel the need to write a bad review.

What’s your favourite movie?

The Neverending Story! (Labyrinth is a close second)

What’s your favourite book and why?

The Picture of Dorian Gray. I love the exploration of morality and duplicity.

What music do you like?

I love all kinds of music, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Blues and Bluegrass.

Kim: *nods her head in approval*… The blues huh? Great taste.

Where would you like to travel to and why?

Sicily. My great grandmother emigrated form Sicily and I’d love to see where she grew up.

Which one of your characters is your favourite and why?

Lizzy from Love on the Wild Side because her use of made up words makes me laugh since I do it all the time too.

And that’s a wrap, thank you for joining me today Mariah. I look forward to finishing off  your latest book  Love on The Forbidden Side and reviewing. Let us know when #5 is out.

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Interview With Kim Knight!

Thank you for the interview! Lovely to cross paths with you.

Holland Rae, Writer

Today I got to hang out with Kim Knight to talk writing, characters and her book, Havana Heat!

When did you realize or decide you wanted to be a writer?

Kim Knight -AMazon

I’ve always loved to write from my school days, but never really fiction. I journaled a lot and realised I was pretty good with words! After I read everything Jackie Collins ever wrote, and discovering Martina Cole in my early twenties, I had a thirst for the genre I write. It was not until a life change happened a few years back that allowed me, or pushed me you could say to write… then a 90,000 word  romantic suspense novel popped out! 

What has been your best experience as an author so far?

Becoming an award-winning author, I just never thought about it or that it could even happen to me. I put writing for the love it first, rather than…

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Book Review: Workings Of Energy In The Human Energy Field (Non-Fiction) by Dr. Z. Gojkovic 5 *Stars #amreading




Title: The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field: A Psychic’s Perspective

Author: Zorica Gojkovic

Genre: Nonfiction

The happenings in your life are not erratic, whimsical occurrences. They are external expressions of the content of your energy field.

Before there is matter, there is energy. Your thoughts, beliefs, history and soul attributes exist as energy in your energy field. They create the reality that you know. When you change the content of your energy field, you change your life.

The Workings of Energy shows you how energy operates in your energy field and offers tools to successfully work with energy. When you have this crucial knowledge, you have power; you can consciously work with energy to create your life.

My Review:

Thank you to Enchanted Book Promotions for an ARC copy, in exchange for an honest review.

As a believer in “the universe” and its impact on our life, mind, body and soul this book really resonated with me. You don’t have to have this POV, or spiritual view point to enjoy this book. This is because this book  (to me)  is an advisory and informative book that can  help anyone. It can  guide you in many positive ways, even if you have never read about or believe in the universe, or these spiritual view points.  I read this book in one whole sitting one evening, that particular day was not a great one for me.  After reading I felt more in touch with what I needed to do, to shake the negative feelings. The next morning I woke up refreshed, empowered and most of all motivated.

I’m giving this book five wonderful and well deserved stars, as for me as a reader I experienced empowerment after reading. It also left me with some things to explore via journaling as well as some practical and informative tips to remain centred , so I can  carry out my important roles as a human, woman and mother. It was also really interesting to learn how psychics interpret things about people. I learned about energy and what this actually means. In many non-fiction books the word “energy” is mentioned a lot, yet many fail to address what this actually is, and which “layer” is relative to what kind of energy we have as people. I also learned and now understand “aura” , and how your thoughts, feelings and actions (good or bad) impact on the “aura”  you have as  a human, and project to others… also where the aura is! This little book   packs a punch as a good pick me up. I see myself dipping into this later down the line in life. Very interesting, very empowering, I felt good for reading it. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who enjoy self discovery, ways to be centred or need a little pick me up reference to remain positive. Love and light for everyone in this short non-fiction book.

About the Author:

Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D..jpg


Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D., is a professional psychic consulting with people all over the world.She received her Ph.D. in English. Her dissertation is about evolution of  consciousness, mysticism and physics as they relate to the novel. Giving psychic readings has significantly expanded this original research. By reading energy in their aura, she helps clients heal core issues, realize their soul potential and experience ever-greater joy, love and peace.

More information and resources are available on her website, .

Excerpt #1

“Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to know the mysteries of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibration . . . .” Who would have thought that giving psychic readings would have been a way for me to see this flow and action of energy, a way to discover the mysteries of the universe—and much more? Yet, that is exactly what happened.

I was born clairvoyant, but it was not until much later in life I officially began to use this ability by giving psychic readings. Those early days were filled with wide-eyed awe and nonstop discoveries. They permanently changed my life.

I was looking at people psychically and seeing them as maps of energy. I saw how they were constructed of energy. On top of that energy, the physical reality and earthly experience were built. (It is similar to adding the rest of the house once the frame is built.) Looking at this flow of energy, I was finally able to understand why we are who we are, why we are the way we are and why our lives are the way they are—and all this in the context of our relationship to the divine. These were answers to questions I had asked decades ago standing in front of my locker in high school mystified at the nonsensicalness of the world. Miraculously I believed that at some deeper level all this apparent nonsense had to make sense. My tacit life purpose was to discover this deeper level. I started to find answers a few years later, but it wasn’t until I started giving psychic readings that it all came together, when psychically I saw the entire picture.

It was amazing to see how obvious the causes of people’s problems were from this psychic, energy point of view. Even more amazing to see was that the solutions were just as obvious.

I was also in awe of the way each of us is a part of the divine whole and cannot be anything else. There is no separation from Source, just different forms of energy, vibration, frequency. Nothing exists outside All That Is. We are always in It, a part of It. Having psychically seen how we are softly ensconced in All That Is continues to give me hope and comfort even in the most difficult times.”  (pgs. 15-17)

Excerpt #2

”In sessions with clients I continuously move back and forth psychically looking at the human situation and the human perspective and at the divine potential and the divine perspective. Over the years it has become obvious that regardless of the type of difficulty the client faces, the solution is always for the personality to come into more perfect alignment with its soul truth, the Truth of All That Is and align with the fundamental laws of the universe. In this way the human personality is in the best possible position to experience greatest fulfillment in earthly life. It is also in the best possible position to experience greatest soul evolution.

In general, human evolution is a process whereby the human being becomes more and more aware of her divine nature until all the lessons have been learned and the soul no longer needs to incarnate in this earthly realm and can move on to higher levels of learning and experience.

Knowledge of how energy operates in the human energy is a way to consistently come into greater and greater alignment with your divine nature. You use your knowledge of how energy operates to continually transform your earthly challenges and problems into higher consciousness. Through this means you continually come into greater and greater alignment with your divine nature. You progressively become who you really are in truth. Knowing, expressing, being your divine self offers peace and fulfillment.”  (pgs. 21-22)

Excerpt #3

“Everything about you, at the core, is energy. Your thoughts, feelings, intentions, reactions, desires, responses—whatever you generate—exist as energy in your energy field. Every little thing that ever happened to you is recorded and exists as energy in your aura.”  (pg. 31)


The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field, Gojkovic



Release Day Blitz & Excerpt: Search For Maylee by Didi Oviatt



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Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Maylee’s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee?  It’s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumn’s side and she will do whatever it takes to either bring Maylee home, or to deliver the justice she deserves.


Nervously, Autumn hurried to the door. Before opening it, she took a quick heart throbbing look out the peep hole. There he was, the man she had spent her evenings swooning over while listening to the steady hum of his voice over the phone. A man that she once detested, and now ached for. There were so many things she wished could be different about this moment. She would have prepared herself, dressed nice and fixed her hair – probably up and swept from her face. She would have picked something with a low neckline to wear, lathered her skin with her silkiest lotions, and even taken the time to shave. Everything…

Rather than the romantic reunion Autumn had been anticipating, she was being forced to see him in dreaded conditions of her own, and clearly of his too. It was going to take everything she had to shoo him out of her apartment. She had every intention on telling him all about Josie, but not until she had the time to speak with her first. Josie needed to warm up to Autumn, and rest. That wouldn’t be a possibility if she was thrown to the wolves before even being able to catch her breath. Autumn had to keep Josie a secret, at least for tonight.

Chance stood outside the door waiting impatiently. It’d been a long trip, he’d caught the first flight possible after hearing news of another sighting of Maylee. Right there in Denver nonetheless. It was time to be completely honest with Autumn, and he had to do it in person. Anxiously, he held his breath as her metal door creaked open. All he could do was come clean about his lies and pray for her forgiveness.

Their eyes locked and for one brief moment they were the only two people in the world. Josie, Craig, Jeremy, and even Maylee faded into mere background.  The sharp gray shards of color in his eyes pierced through her, and she drank in their naked vulnerability. There was a sense of surrender in the upward pull of his brows. It was a look she was yet to see plastered on his handsome face, a look that melted her from the inside out.

As she welcomed him in, the sexy familiar scent of him threatened to consume her. It smelled like spruce bark and ocean mixed into a fresh rustic blend, and it followed him into her apartment, her heart, her future. They had opened up to each other in a way that there was no turning back from. Even if it had only been by phone. No matter what he had to say, there was sure to be a way around it. Autumn was confident of that.

Meet The Author: 

Didi (1)

Didi Oviatt’s Bio:

Didi Oviatt is an intuitive soul. She’s a wife and mother first, with one son and one daughter. Her  thirst to write was developed at an early age, and she never looked back. After digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she’s writing mystery/thrillers like Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New Age Lamians(a trilogy to be). Along with a six- piece short story collection called the Time Wasters. She’s also collaborated with Kim Knight in an ongoing interactive short story anthology The Suspenseful Collection. When Didi doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she can found enjoying a laid back outdoorsy life. Time spent sleeping under the stars, hiking, fishing, and ATVing the back roads of beautiful mountain trails, and sun-bathing in the desert heat plays an important part of her day to day lifestyle.  

Author/Social media Links:


Change of Seasons: Coping as a Mother (Guest Post)

When Women Inspire

Today I welcome author Didi Oviatt to the blog. If you’re not already following her self-titled blog, I suggest you do so! Her blog posts range from writing tips for authors to poetry, book reviews, and updates on her suspense books and short stories. In the guest post below, Didi provides a heartfelt look into her experiences as a mother, and I believe

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Hello… Remember me? #writerslife


Love of writing.jpgEvening guys!

You probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth… I kinda did! For a hot minute. My blog posts have all been promotional for other authors, you probably noticed the lack of personal ones, or writing prompts while I’ve been tapping away at my keyboard. It’s been a while  since I said hey,so here I am with an update and to see how you all are?

Well… what’s goin’ on, Didi and I have taken a short pause from the weekly stories as we’re working on volume #2 🙂 . And we have volume #3 mapped out. You’re going to love it! I won’t spill the beans too much ( she’ll probably curse me out on Skype if I do LOL) so all I’ll say is, the next two volumes will be as suspenseful, if not more, and we have a great idea for volume #3 … longer stories…and…wait wait I better stop there, that’s all I’m saying for now.

Aside from this, I also revisited a manuscript I started to write a few years back, it was my first ever idea for a novel before I wrote A Stranger in France... And then won an award ! I’m glad I wrote it,but this story has been knocking around for so long. I ‘ve redrafted it way too many times before I settled on the plot. You know me, the plot is very important to me, it’s 100% a thriller with a touch of romance, rather than a romance with a thriller element. This means…a wicked who-dun-it is in progress and I’m so excited to write this novel with this spin on it years later!

Also I’ve got my beloved Romance Set in Paradise Series that I’m actually writing for.Book #3 is set in Greece in the Mediterranean this time,and a wonderful throwback to an era I love as well as in the present day. The writing style of this one is a little different from Havana Heat and Lover’s Retreat. I hope you’ll like it.

With my editor’s job at Conscious Talk Magazine I’m learning and loving every moment of this role. My team are outstanding, from work ethic to talent. The magazine is really an interesting read. Sadly, we’ve had a “gremlin” this week  it’s under maintenance online while the technical support look into the problem. We hope to be back online by the end of the week the latest, with some thought provoking articles for issue #3.

NaNaWrimo is approaching and you bet I’ll be involved. My last attempt at writing a novel in the month of NaNWrimo sucked! Only as the timing was right by two book releases over the summer… I can’t be mad with myself for not completing book #3 of the romance, this autumn I will put my best foot forward and knuckle down to do some serious writing.

So that’s it, that’s why I have been absent, finalising one anthology to do another co-author gig with Didi, plotting away with my thriller, editing at CTM and writing too. Some how I’ve also been a mama in between all that. 🙂

How have you all been? Great to connect with you all again.

Book Review: Accidental Lawyer (Crime Fiction) by Kim Hamilton 5+ stars … Laaawrd! That Was Funny! @KHamiltonBooks

Lawyer 2

About the Book

Title: Accidental Lawyer

Author: Kim Hamilton

Genre: Crime Fiction

Set in the brilliant and diverse city of Baltimore, Accidental Lawyer, is a humorous, often irreverent portrayal of the dubious practice of personal injury law. Jessica Snow has a crisp new law degree, a grinding ambition, and a pesky moral compass that is often at odds with her new job as an ambulance chaser. Her face and name appear on billboards and buses throughout the city, and if that isn t enough to embarrass her mother, there s a television commercial in the works. Her elevated status has her wrangling with a local mob boss, duping a drug dealer, and confronting phony clients. With the help of her bold and brassy sidekick, Kari, Jess develops a remarkable proclivity for this ignoble profession by wrapping up difficult cases and finding new business in unexpected places. When trumped-up murder charges are brought against her boss, she faces her biggest challenge yet tracking down a killer. Along the way, Jess builds a new kind of family for herself, her own tribe, made up of friends, colleagues and clients, many of whom are sure to raise eyebrows at her mother s dinner table.

My Review:


Thank you to Enchanted Book Promotions for the ARC of this novel, in exchange for an honest review. I’m also very sorry Kim that my review is a little late forgive me 🙂

How the hell do you write a crime fiction story filled with humour, a touch of romance and not fall flat on delivery?…. I’m baffled, and very very impressed, as well as excited to read more from Kim. Accidental Lawyer is a true ” who-dun-it” crime fiction story with suspense, that’s also filled with humour due to the characters and their traits. Trust me it works, you may think wait wait…. that’s not why we read crime fiction/thriller/suspense for humour? Read this and you will. I enjoyed every moment of this book as a reader from my experience. It was refreshing to read as a massive crime fiction/ thriller lover, due to the humour and touch of romance, totally different to the norm.  The level of creativity in the plot to keep you guessing is really powerful.

I’m giving Accidental Lawyer 5+ stars because… well why not is the question?  This author has created a story that’s fast paced, engaging  with great characters. It’s impeccably written also. There’s a variety of lovable characters that will make you laugh out loud. My favourite was Mrs. Bianco a retired, Italian- American  landlady who never seems to remove her housecoat,  with her handgun and cigarettes tucked in the pocket. I also loved Kari, Delroy  and of course Jess. Mrs. Bianco  is close with Jess as her neighbour and central to the story, the parts with these characters sitting on the porch drinking port had me in stitches. Another thing I’d like say in my personal reading experience about the characters is, Kim has created characters that  feel so very real from an inner- city environment. I found myself reading her bio again as I read, I wanted to know where she is from… as the characters (for me) felt so alive, very real.

Overall, this is a laugh out loud novel, that’s true to the genre of  crime fiction/ murder mystery, that will keep you turning pages. I never guessed the who -dun -it,  the plot is not see-through, I was shocked when I found out in the last chapter as there’s a twist. Kim is truly talented, I would for sure read her work again without any hesitation. I recommend Accidental Lawyer to crime fiction lovers who want something different from the norm, with lots of suspense also. Good job 5 + stars for this page turner Kim! Can’t wait for the next one.




Author Bio

KIM HAMILTON was born in the D.C. suburbs and currently resides outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, where they raised their two daughters. After beginning a legal career in real estate, an unusual set of circumstances thrust her into the family’s personal injury law firm. She spent ten inglorious years there as an ambulance chaser—an experience from which she has almost fully recovered. Accidental Lawyer is her first novel.





My Interview With Coffee Time & Romance!

Thank you to Cherokee over at one of my favourite hang outs Coffee Time & Romance for the request for an interview!  It’s not often I do interviews, I’m too busy interviewing and promoting other authors. For over a year I’ve been a member as a romance author with you, guys thank you for the wonderful interview.  It can be read if you click here