Day 10: Getting Into The Groove! #nanowrimo #amwriting

Day 10 of nanowrimo.png


So here we are ten days into National Novel Writing month, and I’m getting into my groove I think. I did some research on the Jazz scene in the 1950s as that’s where I’m at with writing. You can see what my project is about here. Today I wrote less than I would have hoped. That said I did start late and it’s already just after 11:00 pm London time. And I was reading for research. But the good thing is as you can see, I still only need to write less than 1,000 words a day,  for my next addition to my romance series. When I look at it like that, life really does not seem that bad actually. 🙂  I can knock out under 1,000  a day no probs… all I need to do is be disciplined and do it! No You-Tube, or messing around. Just park my ass and write .

Tomorrow’s another day, I’ll try this theory of park it and write it tomorrow.

How are you doing fellow #nanowrimo writers?? Is the word count coming along? What’s your camp like online? Mine is really lively actually, I can’t keep up with all the conversation. Some lovely writers though, I seem to be the only one writing  romance… I can work with that it’s okay. Quite a few crime and fantasy writers in my camp.

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