Positive Vibes For All Writers With Day Jobs: Why Your Editor is Your Rock. #motivation #amwriting #friendship #writerslife

I had a quick conversation via text this morning with my editor, it left me so motivated. I’d love  to share the motivational vibes with other writers out there! Randomly she sent me a message to say hi, I love her, she’s an intelligent, hardworking woman. And her accent is so cool! She’s Australian, but I think of Italian descent via her parents.  She was a friend before editor,  (she is still a friend too), I’ve known her for about  five years. This morning she sent me  a few simple words that helped me to stay motivated, while at the “day job” . If  you’re  a working writer with a day job, even if it’s part time like me, I’d like to uplift you too!…. until we become so widely read  we can write full time to pay the bills…..

Text conversation:

Editor: Hi Kim, how are you ? How’s work and writing? Do you still have your French exam next week? xx

Kim: Hey! I’m well, work’s a bore lol, writing is going well I’m 10k words in with story #2 of the  Romance Set in Paradise. Yes, my exam is next week surprised you remembered. How are things your end? x

Editor; work serves a purpose, writing serves you. You must be excited over book one’s release!  I’m good * she then goes off into an update on how she is personally*

I read her message and thought she’s so right stay motivated, stay focused, work is a bore but it’s a means to an end and serves a purpose.… for now 🙂 Writing is what I do and will continue to do!

Working writers near and far I don’t care what genre you write, whether you write short stories, articles, plays, novels or novellas we rock, we work and write. Sometimes all night when we have a 5:00 am wake up!   We get up, get ready and get to work with just a few hours sleep… sometimes none. All I can say is thank God for eye opening make-up artists’ tricks! I can carry a bag of shopping in the bags under my eyes lols.  But I won’t stop and neither should you.

Happy writing, and have a good day “at work.”


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