How I Decide on The Title of My Books: Romance Writer’s 52 Week Writing Challenge Week #7 #MFRW

If my memory serves me right it is one year today I started this author site, I signed my first publishing contract  April 2016 and I was over the moon. One year later, I’ve had experience of the traditional publishing route and self -publishing and I am about to release my fourth published book, what a year! Ups and downs but I’m on a journey. Interestingly as part of the Romance Writer’s fifty- two week writing challenge, the writing prompt is ” how do you decide on the name of your books?” This is week seven’s challenge I have missed  soooooo many weeks so I’m catching up with the  challenge. I have a very good excuse, I’ve been writing my book 🙂

So, how do I decide on the titles of my books? Well other than one book I which I never named as I collaborated with twelve other authors ( Code Redhead- A Serial Novel), I always keep it pretty simple, what is the theme of the story? What’s significant that happens? Is it catchy? . That’s it, that’s my formula I have no magic way to capture a good title other than to keep it focused on the theme, setting, location, or message in the story. I have a habit of naming all my chapters I don’t just call them chapter one etc. Within my chapters there is always a chapter named after the book, 9/10. This helps also, I have gone back and forth between titles and changed it as I’m writing. Sometimes, the name of a chapter is better suited than the name I originally picked out. It really is that basic for me.

If you’re a writer how do you go about this very important process? Do you have a habit of naming your chapters too?


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