‘Tis The Season to be Jolly.. #amwriting #christmas #november

It has been forever since I sat down and blogged something creative, if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know writing prompts, poems, word challenges and short stories are my thing. The last month has been crazy busy for me, writing offline, reading and just the hustle and bustle of life in general. I have missed creative blogging, and reading other blogs too.

 I just wrote the date down on  something I have to send off, and I was like wow is that November over already? In my part of the world  the 25th November  arrives in under an hour. The year has flown, and we are well and truly on our way to Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of year, so it is probably no surprise my last book had this kind of backdrop theme.I don’t celebrate thanksgiving but if I was American,it would surly be a holiday I’d really enjoy too. So today I’d like to share what I love about Christmas . Send me a comment let me know what you love about Christmas?

Firstly, it’s the quality time with family that makes Christmas so special for me. I don’t know about you, but for me as a mum, writer, employee sister, aunt, friend etc  life can be a bit crazy and go a million miles an hour. At Christmas that’s when I do two things 1. shut down,and focus on my family and organising our special time together 2. reflect and plan for the new year. I love the whole sit down meal, treats, three full courses for dinner and chit chat. I find it so heart-warming to spend that time over the holiday with family. When I say family, I also mean friends of mine, I class my close friends as family and I love time with them too. Either on the phone, skype, text or even letter – as you may know my love for writing means  I have old fashioned snail mail penpals,overseas and in the UK. My most distant  is in Australia! The other side of the world.

 I also love spoiling special “little people.'”This year, I’m super prepared gift wise,I’m done with gift shopping.I don’t believe in gifting to receive,in fact I don’t actually want them personally. My son has just turned three and today I ordered him a toy washing machine and CD player that plays nursery rhymes.  ( To add to the mountain of gifts  hidden in my wardrobe from him). What? Don’t give me that face YES I got him a washing machine as a gift- my son is soooooo domesticated he loads up the machine himself, as soon as  he takes off his clothes. He listens for the click when a wash is done, opens the machine then pulls out all the clothes. My sister has bought him a toy hoover also he loves to help me sweep, mop and hoover the floors LOL.  I feel proud, any woman he lives with will have a very house proud husband. 

I love the whole slowing down at this time of year, when school ends for the two week holiday and all students have some head space and rest, us teachers do also! Trust me we need it,as when we return the focus is preping students for their exams- tough work. Love that this time of year, the best “slow down” movies are on. I remember watching Singing in the Rain, Bambi and 101 Dalmations with my little man and the family.

Food! I love to cook, something I  am not ashamed to say I’m good at and blow my own trumpet. I love preparing a three course meal for my family and extended family/friends. Often I buy so much food for days we are eating Christmas supplies. I find myself creating different meals with left over cuts of meat.I’m not much of a turkey fan, today my older sister called me and said ” sis I’ve just bought us a turkey crown” I tried to sound as pleased as I could lol but I’ll cook it. My choice is Lamb over turkey can’t beat it when it is well seasoned and cooked. Every year, I make a Caribbean traditional rum cake.  I’ve tried to master it, it never tastes as good as my mum’s.  She emigrated to the UK over forty years ago,but can make it taste so great!  I follow her instructions well and  soak the fruits in rum for two days, and bake it Christmas eve and hope maybe it will be as good as mum’s.

This time a year, I look back, see what I’ve learned, should have learned, would like to learn, focus and plan. Short term, med term and long term. I’ve always been a list and plan person. I think this is the best time of year to do it not 1st January. I personally feel by the 1st January I should know where I’m going or what I am working on. I have a few lists do you?

 This time of year, at Christmas I think London is so pretty the way it’s lit up in celebration for the festive season. I’d say I notice that most Londoners are happier, full of joy  generally. I like the different vibe the festive season brings to London.  I enjoy walking around London, and taking note of what all the tourist do in central London. Things I’d take for granted as I’ve seen them a million times over.

So these are a few things I enjoy about the festive season. I am getting jolly! And smiling at the thought of unwrapping gifts with my little man  and family on the big day. I am also smiling at the thought of my current dining table/desk piled high with food and drinks rather than books, flowers, notepads and writing supplies. I am looking forward to posting off my overseas Christmas cards and final letters for 2016,to pals and wishing them and theirs a successful, healthy and happy 2017.

Tell me what do you love about Christmas and the festive season ?


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