Did Amazon Cancel Your Pre-Order? Check This Out

I’m soooo sorry the last twenty-four hours for my publisher and I have been frustrating. I sent out a newsletter to all readers but I will share it here too…

Long story short, three days before its original release day Amazon decided to cancel all the pre-orders on Sacrifices. Why? ‘ They did not notice the file for the book uploaded.’  Say what? I beg your pardon?… It’s been there for weeks! Following all the poof-reading and editing.

Not only that, I understand that someone from my publisher’s offices spoke to Amazon this week, to confirm. Reason being the word on the street is many authors and publishing houses are having orders cancelled, and other issues with Amazon right now. So the error was on Amazon’s side not mine or my publisher’s and we both are very sorry– on Amazon’s behalf, for their error.

What Does This Mean?
Well, Amazon published it anyway, as soon as my publisher got on the phone. But, the pre-orders will not automatically go through, so for you if you’re someone who did purchase the e-book at 99 cent, it is now available and you can re-purchase Sacrifices now for the same price– 99 Cent. And you have not and will not be charged for the original pre-order that’s well and truly cancelled. Of course anyone who didn’t purchase at this bargain price is also free to do so, now it’s published.

If you did pre-order I really appreciate you! Please continue your support for this wonderful story! And re-purchase today or when you can now it’s published.  I’ve already had one very nice review on BookBub already.  The paperback and audio should (eventually) depending on Amazon and their dramas right now be published.

Is It Free To Read On Kindle Unlimited?
You bet it is! Yes! jump in.

Advanced Readers, Are You There?
Thank you to all Advanced  Copy Readers! I appreciate your time, thank you for requesting the raw, gallery draft of this story  before the final publishing. you’re also now free to leave a review on Amazon if you have time here.

Click the cover below to discover, this wonderful story at just 99 cent.

Have a wonderful day.

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