Friday Night Tunes & Writing #amwriting

A few weeks ago I did a writing prompt “One For The Ladies”  in response to the word value, you can read it here  . In my writing prompt, I  mentioned some famous women, who lost their self value  but have bounced back, and sadly some who never made it. One of them was Ms Spears! I am a H.U.G.E. Britney fan I always have been since “Opps I did it again”. I would love to see her in concert perform live  if she ever tours  in London- even if it means going on my own, I’d do it. I just noticed her carpool session with James Corden, from The Late Show and had to share.

Have a watch of this, she has bounced back so much from her dark days. Take note of what she said about her feelings towards men and marriage, and I dare you to try not to sing along, I found it hard. Now I’ve got some old skool Britney out of my system, I can get back to writing, happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

Go Britney you have bounced back, and you look fantastic!!




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