Writers Life… #amwriting #writerslife

I ‘ve not blogged this late for a while, but I have my radio tuned into Magic Soul and Motown hits, I’m feeling bright -eyed even though it’s late. And the best bit it’s half -term break, I have a week off. I also have a massive to-do list writing wise. As many of you know I have a few writing projects I’m juggling, here’s a little update on how they are coming along.

Today, I printed off my manuscript for Not Just for Christmas and sent it over to my band new additional UK based editor and proof reader. I’m really excited about this up and coming new release. It’s a festive themed story, and Christmas is my favourite time of year. The story has a different feel to A Stranger in France which is full of suspense and unpredictable twists! Not Just for Christmas is a sensual feel good romance. I plan to do a chapter preview a little later this month, but for now you can see my book cover.

The Code Redhead Serial Novel story I’m writing for charity is also coming along nicely. My goal is to complete this short story this week, and submit to my publisher. You can find out more details about Code Redhead  the charity book I will be featured in by clicking here. Its release date is February 2017.

Last week, my publisher put out a call for valentines day romance stories to publish, it was quiet at work last week, on the back of a bit of tracing paper I whipped up a short story-line! More excitement (and juggling), if I do go ahead and answer this call and write the short story idea I have.

Then, there’s my baby my romance -thriller story I started to write one full year ago. I left it to simmer and completed  A Stranger in France. This is a full length novel in my mind with suspense twists and turns  and I HAVE  to finish writing it. The idea has been knocking around between my ears for way too long. So I aim to make this my focus before the end of 2016 and see where it goes into 2017 in terms of publishing.

Over the weekend I also did another author interview which I hope to re-blog for you in a few weeks when it’s published. And in November I have another virtual tour kicking off for A Stranger in France.   On Halloween… I have a surprise for you also, stay tuned!

So guys, that’s the 411  at the moment, #writerslife is busy , busy , busy but loving every moment of the madness. 

I hope all’s well your end! 



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