Kim’s Book Review: Caribbean Christmas

Tammy TWhat do you do when a best selling romance author, offers  to do a read and review swap of each others work with you? You lose your damn mind behind the lap top,  then compose yourself and a nicely worded email with no typos to say, yes please I’d love to!  Gimme gimme. And I’m glad I did, I’ve just finished reading Caribbean Christmas by Tammy Tate she is an author of a number of romance books. This is the first I’ve read and I would for sure read more here’s why.

Caribbean Christmas ( in my personal view) is a lovely feel good romance story with a touch of paranormal, it’s also set around Christmas my favourite time of year. Tammy is clearly a very creative writer to conjure up this story, and that’s the first thing that drew me in,   and what I love about Caribbean Christmas -the creativity and originality around the story it fits and works really really well.

I read this book in 2 sittings, I was drawn in well before page 50, Tammy’s style of writing is easy going, descriptive and engaging. I found myself transported to  the Carib  and visualising what I was reading, from the colour of the sea to the food that was being served in certain scenes.I like the way Tammy has woven in  different cultures within the story, well. She could have easily dismissed the different cultures found in New Orlands and even the Carib Island this story is set on, and just used them as a setting for events to take place in the story plot line not really touching on who you might find in these places. But, diverse foods,Creole characters and  even the langue are included to. Great job.

The characters are all likeable even down to the ghost, I had in my mind a visual of the characters and what their quirks are as people, and this is down to ( in my view) good story telling and character development.

The romantic journey you’re taken on as a reader for me is really enjoyable, this story is more sensual than erotic so if you like more sensual stories focused on love, romance and boy meets girl this is one for you- with a twist of paranormal. I found the sensual scenes lovely  to read, I was like awwwww  at certain parts and I had that feel good feeling that this genre of romance should give a reader.

So in summary

Romantic element: 5 of 5 it’s very  romantic, but so original in the story line and a good happy ever after at the end 

Sensuality/story line/plot 5 of 5 a very original story and right level of sensual, and even some suspense towards the end when Kendra almost gives up on Richard.

I’d rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, it’s my kind of feel good romance and it gave me everything I needed in a feel good romance, boy meets girl, love and some conflict, add to that a great  location, a twist with paranormal, wonderful. I look forward to reading more.




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