Day #15: Coming Soon- A Christmas Release

Morning guys!

15 days to go until A Stranger in France is officially released, now that bit of work is wrapped up  today I’m working on the brief for the cover design for my second novel released at Christmas. A modern day feel good  romance with a Christmas theme, so if you fancy a nice modern day love story with a great twist to cosy up with this Christmas stay tuned!

Yesterday, I was battling with myself over the cover design for this book. I finished writing this book in July and held off sending a brief to my publisher as  do I go for a general romantic cover that’s eye catching or a Christmas themed one? After talking to a girlfriend of mine  she reconfirmed my thinking, I made up my mind to go with a general romantic cover, that would be eye catching all year around.

Once this is done, for my last day of holiday today before it’s back to the day job tomorrow, I’ll go back to research and writing for my romance suspense story I’m working on. Fingers crossed my publisher likes my proposal for this book enough for a 2017 release!

It’s all go here.

Have a great day it’s a rainy one in London, hope the weather is fine where ever you are.

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