Thank you from Kim

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Good morning guys!

Happy Sunday, just a short note from me to say, thank you to every follower, liker and silent blog reader. I can see that slowly and steadily my author site is growing and I really appreciate each and everyone of you. I love reading your blogs also,  sometimes I sit behind the PC cackling with laughter, smiling or nodding my head or become inspired myself so please keep posting great stuff!

As a writer, it is easy to just sit here and write s*hit and think it’s great. Honestly, that’s not me, I’m modest and always so nervous when I write a short story or poem and share it with the whole world. I don’t think this will ever leave me, many of you know that I never even really saw myself as a published author  just someone who wrote stuff as they love it and thought they are OK at it. But  it just happened! What kicked me up the butt to submit my work to a USA based publisher  was a massive life changing event, as I had time to refocus on Kim again and not other issues,  I had time also  bond even further with my beautiful 2 year old son who is my everything. I hope that when he is older he is proud of his mama.

 As my release date for my first novel nears, my nerves are increasing !  But so is my creativity for other stories.I just like to write ( and read)  so I will keep going  now I’m on a roll and see what the future holds !

Thank you for your support!

ps. If you are a blogger that does writing challenges and prompts keep me posted I love doing those email me or comment or Tweet me!

With love,



10 thoughts on “Thank you from Kim

  1. Enjoyed your chapter excerpt and looking forward to your book! Definitely need to know more about Nicholas! 😀

    Publishing my first novel this month too, so I can totally relate to the nerves being on edge! 😩

    Many thanks for stopping by and for the follow. Good luck to you! 👍😉


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