Writing Prompt: Melody -why I love you


I LOVE music, a melody and a good beat  to the bone, I could never live without it. It’s done so many good things for me. I did a writing prompt in this before earlier this year which you can read here for the word prompt music.

This morning as I sat down and mentally drafted my to do list, before I did that I went over to my TV and loaded up Spotify and selected ”easy listening piano beats” under the ”focus” mood, as I have a lot get through today. It’s still playing and I know this background noise has helped me work through 50% of my to do list so far. My music taste is crazy! I have an old soul and like anything from old Motown hits and soul , to classical music and modern day stuff.While writing I never write in silence, in fact I don’t do anything in silence but sleep.  If I do house work the radio is on, I write it’s on ,I read it’s on, I bath it’s on, do my nails it’s on- 24/7 in my home and car. 

Music has also really inspired my writing, in  A Stranger in France  I purposely picked out songs to help set the mood or show what a character is feeling from their point of view (POV). It was a challenge but it really inspired me. Here is an excerpt using music from Nicholas’ POV from A Stranger in France.


Pulling out his IPhone he scrolls along his contacts to Kate, just a south London address and email address she left no number. He grips the steering wheel and internally he kicks himself. She of course has his mobile number, office number and home number! Why has she not used them or even sent a postcard? Taking a few more deep breaths to compose himself ready for the long drive over to his apartment on the upper 16th district, one of Paris’ most affluent property areas, with some of the most expensive properties in Paris. He decides he will make contact, he has nothing to lose.

 He cruises at a steady unrushed pace in his air-conditioned BMW X-5 along the motorway, with his shades on and the music loud. Nicholas has a rush of adrenaline, his emotions flipped 360 degrees from disappointment to thrill at the chase and challenge of pursing Kate from 600 odd miles away.

Put things into perspective he tells himself, Kate doesn’t strike him as a coaster, or lay about when it came to work. In his mind he rationalises that she’s probably had a busy return to London and work. He has no doubt about Kate’s hard work ethic from the intimate conversations they had while she was in France. That is it, he convinced himself, she’s just caught up, make contact and claim your lady his inner voice said. Smiling, and physically relaxed cruising along with one hand on the steering wheel and the music up, the Isley Brothers smooth vocals on Summer Breeze fill the car, he sings along at the top of his voice and enjoys the drive home.


10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Melody -why I love you

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  2. I’ve become hooked on researching Jerry Jemott recently. I always liked that “Memphis Soul Stew” song before I knew what it was, but I figured I should dig in and find out more about his work. If you got an “old soul” I think you’ll like the songs he plays on. Plus, he plays bass so his part can add to the beat and/or the melody.


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