I’m pretty new to the whole WordPress blog thing, but I noticed the cool daily prompts eg words to inspire  blogs on the word of the day.   Today’s word is music  oh la la  boy do I love music! It inspires me while writing and just a pleasure to appreciate good music each day. As it happens so do the Hero and Heroine in my romance/suspense book I’m writing love music, and my son- he loves to dance to music a lot. At 2 years old he has some killer moves.

Anyway, back to the word music, I decided to participate in this writing prompt for all the reasons above, music plays a big part in my life always has and always will, I thought it be nice to do a personal blog on how music inspires me and my writing.

As a Writer/ Storyteller:

Music inspires me as a writer in a big way, I write with music on in the background 9/10  times while working, and in my current book I’m writing music plays a big part in  some of the scenes I’ve wrote. Without giving away too much before my release date  a jazz festival experience for both the Hero and Heroine  has been plot out, a lot of the ”sexy times” or love scenes have music incorporated in some way, and my character I have created for my Hero  has a lot to do with the music and entertainment scene. I’ve  enjoyed incorporating music within my plot lines, and listening to it while working, a great source of inspiration.

Day to Day:

Day to Day music plays a massive part of my life aside from writing. Everyday, I listen to the radio or on-line French radio stations.  In the classroom at work often students ask if we can put the radio on softly, in the background if they are working independently. I listen to pretty much anything,  I have a REALLY OLD soul when it comes to music, I’m in love with 50s,60s,70s 80s music mainly soul and Motown from the 50s-70s, 80s rare groove and cheesy pop/rock, 90s old school R’n B and Hip Hop, even world music  from complete different cultures I love; my music taste is quite eccentric.



Child Development:

Music has really helped my little boy develop his speech and confidence (on the dance floor) and talking. We spend at least 10 minutes a day dancing and singing together, which is a lot of fun. Last night while I bathed him,  as I sang Old Mcdonald had a farm he cuts in singing from the top of his lungs ”eeeeeeeeeeeyyyi eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyi oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh mama!!” I had to laugh. Music is key to children’s development, at his nursery school they have music and dance time; when I drop my son off in the mornings the first thing he does is point at the CD player  for music and then run over to the sand pit.

What was the last bit of music I got my hands on?

Believe it or not today I got lucky, I was talking to a group of the older students I teach, they were talking about Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade and how great it is, I am yet to hear one track from Mrs Carter.  Lucky me I got a copy of it  courtesy of my students! I know Beyoncé is an incredibly talented lady so I do look forward to listening to this later today.

Music, music, music you have been the sound track to my life in many ways over the years,  all I can say is thank you to every talented music producer, song writer and musician out there keep producing good music pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase, as it inspires me in many ways. One musician who REALLY inspires me and is a pleasure to listen to is the beautiful and talented singer P!nk as she said …

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you’re given
It’s all how you use it”


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