Day #18: The Writing To Do List- What’s on Yours?


Morning !

A cloudy one here in London today,I hope the sun hasn’t decided that it’s time to hide now that we’ve reached September. We’re only 2 days in.

Well for day #18 of the count down to ”the big day”  I have quite a to do list, and really glad I don’t return to work until Tuesday. I need to narrow down a from a long list of topics what to write an article on, for  3 guest blog appearances I’ll do as part of my book tour from the 20th September. The list of topics is rather long,  hard to decide but  it’s interesting. 

I also have the next 8 hours free to write my heart out and polish up what I’ve wrote for my romance-thriller book I’ve started and yet to complete. In terms of word count I’m only about 16,000 words in, so not much work produced, but I have my idea mapped out on paper. I hope today is a much more productive day than the last 2 days I’ve been off work and I’ve at down to write. I’ve been messing around behind the screen you see- well that’s not true I’ve been reading blogs and reading a really great romance novel which I’ll do a review for for another romance author. Last night I was up until 1:00 am reading, I’m enjoying the story line so far.

Also, on my list to do is to catch up on my letter writing, I’ve got a pile of unopened snail mail from France, Austria and the UK to reduce! My snail mail pals probably think I’ve dropped of the face of the earth. I hope they’ll understand.

Oh and today’s WordPress writing prompt, I’ll have a crack at when that is posted around lunch time.

This list is long enough as it is, I better get started before I remember something else I need to do .

 What’s on your to do list for  day or weekend writing wise? Let me know what you’re up to? Have a productive writing day bloggers!


4 thoughts on “Day #18: The Writing To Do List- What’s on Yours?

  1. Morning Kim! Here’s my list:

    – Morning pages
    – Social media (on currently)
    – Finish reading a friend’s book and review it
    – Finish and publish blog post
    – Writing project for writer’s group I belong to
    – Prep for a workshop I am leading in November

    Let’s hope we both have a wonderfully productive day!


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