We Are

Amazing and beautifully wrote! I felt extremely proud when I read this one for all women of colour whether your decent is from the Carib, south America, Africa , the middle east or Asia/ India. When I read this on the other hand I also thought there are a lot of things here that can relate to ALL women in general. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

Be Lifted

I want to take a second to mention

Before I begin expressing

My affection for my

Beautiful black sisters

I am not a person

Who promotes division

Uplifting others

Is always my intentions

To spread positive messages

My sisters and I

Marches to the beat

Of a different drum

Some say that we are

Rude or have bad attitudes

But my dude that’s

The furthest from the truth

We are radiant

We are independent

We are grounded

We are strong

Yet we are also delicate

It’s part of being feminine

We do what we can

All by ourselves

Even if we needed help

We don’t stress

We are loyal

We are true

We sacrifice daily

For our beautiful babies

We endure pain

We don’t allow it

To turn inward

We don’t allow things to change us

Even though it should have

Drove us crazy

We love hard

We don’t give…

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