The Ending
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I LOVED! Reading the start of this story and had to participate in this #Miraclechallenge  writing prompt to create your own ending using 400 odd words. I did not read the original post before I wrote my own ending so I have no idea what the story is really about. But I’ve turned it into some kind of crime fiction/drug story line that’s what came to mind when I read what was going on at the start. I look forward to reading the original full post to see what the story is actually about. Thanks for posting.

Really need to get home, I’ve been up all night using cocaine to keep me awake, he had me working the street corners of every street. I wish I could say no, stop, tell him that’s it this life is over for me I don’t want to spend my years as your drug runner and personal sex slave. But I can’t, I owe him, I owe him my life not only is he my pimp he was once my loan shark, my mum was in a lot of debt after she lost her job we were going to be evicted I had no choice but to do what I could to help out.

I’m only 16 but I got caught up with the wrong crowd, dabbled in drugs, drinking, dating boys I should not have been and he was one of them. With all the drama and stress at home as a way to forget he introduced me to cocaine, just to numb the pain he’d say. Everyday I say to myself I will leave this life behind, clean my habit up stop sex working to make money and go back to school.

He says it’s better to have a girl involved in his ‘’dealings’’ that way no one will be suspious the cops won’t question anything when they see a guy and a girl together the last thing they will think is  we’re a bunch of drug lords.

So here I am walking down Camden high street north London, after working the corners of some of the most mean streets in London, dying to take a shower and lay down.

Mum, bless her heart she knows what’s going on and has threatened to go to the police, but she won’t because of him he has complete control over everyone he comes in contact with.

Connor, Connor Reeves north London’s most notorious drug lord. At just 28 years old he rules the whole of north London.

I glance at my watch it’s 4.45am I walk down the dimly lit road and turn into the estate of flats, I stare up at the 6th floor the lights are out mum’s asleep. I hope I can enter without waking her.

As I approach the block of flats as usual the intercom is not working a sharp tug on the door and I’m in, the smell of urine and cheap beer greet my nostrils.

Great, the lift is out of action, I take the stairs 2 at a time up to the 6th floor. I need to get out of this place, turn my back on this life this is not for me. I’ll be dead by the time I’m 18.



10 thoughts on “The Ending 

  1. Welcome to #MiracleChallenge !
    This is an Incredibly amazing story. You just took me to the Drug world and the suspense built was very good. What more could I ask from a suspense writer.
    Yes ! There is no touch of the previous ‘The Ending’, I read from One Great Thinker.
    Perfect use of the Prompt theme ‘Ghost’
    And am very happy to hear from great author like you. 😀

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    Hello Everyone !

    Check out the latest post for #MiracleChallenge.

    A terrific story ‘The Ending’ for Challenge No. 4 from Kim Knight_Author) for ‘Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge’ Week – 3.

    For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, every Tuesday morning, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write a story and poem. Follow my blog and get the latest writing prompts for the week.

    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)



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