Haters! They will always be lurking…. Feed them to your creative and focused self for dinner and keep pushing forward. Great post.

Aria-Bella Rises

No matter what you do with your life – there are always going to be haters, those that want to put you down even when they should be your greatest supporters, and people that just plain piss you off.

It really will not matter if you are not doing much with your life, if you are playing small or if you are living large and stepping up in the best way possible. They will still always be lurking.


I had one such incident today where there were just plain mean comments on social media from someone who I would have said were among my greater supporters… I read it and I hurt, badly, I wanted to cry and lash out just so she could feel a little of what she just did to me. I wanted to go find a corner and just hide.


I allowed myself to…

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