New Release: Who’s Writing Their Next Bad-ass Short Story?

The art of short story and novella writing official 1

So I did it again lol, I penned another writer’s reference book #2 in the ‘Savvy Writer’s”  series that follows 365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to add this to the series. I never planed to write another one  so soon. That said, I love short story writing as you all know very well, from my work with Didi Oviatt, and I love novella writing from my Romance in The City and Romance Set in Paradise series novellas. Novel writing will never leave me I will always do it, the more I write the more I learn, never under estimate the different skill needed to tackle shorter pieces…well!  The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing is out now on pre-sale. Audio and paperbacks will be available in August too.

Amazon Link: just 2.99


Compared to novel writing, short stories and novellas need special and different skills that every writer should master. Readers love shorter stories! From Kim Knight, the award-winning and number #1 best-selling author of 365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance writers, The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing writer’s reference is perfect for both seasoned and aspiring writers of all genres. The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing will help you perfect, sharpen, and increase your skills and abilities when writing engaging shorter stories, novellas, or novelettes for both stand-alone and series stories. With detailed and practical steps, the sole aim of this guide is to help writers confidently write within a high demand and well-paid market.

With easy-to-engage-with chapters, discover the practical art of short story and novella writing. The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing includes practical exercises to help you master the skills to write your next series of stories:

  • Story-telling styles for short stories: how and why it should differentiate from novel writing.
  • Character development with limited word count.
  • Strengthening themes and plots with limited word count.
  • Where and how to start a shorter story to capture reader’s attention.
  • Creating compelling stories with peaks and satisfying endings for readers, with a small word count.
  • Learn about the market, paid writing contests, and where to submit shorter stories.

Each chapter has a dedicated writing space for every practical exercise, and for plotting your ideas and characters. Writing compelling shorter stories with meaning, and well developed characters is not easy! But, with The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing, you will ramp up your skills set and become a master of the technique.

Note: the paperback will allow writers to make notes, carry out the exercises, and throw away  the hundreds of note pads us writers have sitting around.

Amazon Link: just 2.99



Book Review: Complete Notes From The Universe 5 Outstanding Stars ( Non-fiction/Spirituality) #TheCompleteNotesFromtheUniverse #NetGalley

Thank you to NetGallery for my free copy for review, All opinions are my own. Well, what a wonderful, fantastic, and outstanding little book I’ve discovered. I requested a review copy just based on the title and genre, not really knowing what to expect. I thought it would be some kind of reference on how to recognise Universe signs or messages, it intrigued  me– this possibility. Turns out, it’s  daily messages for you. I could not be more happy or surprised! I actually subscribed to the free daily emails for ‘Universe Messages’. Let’s get into this review.


The New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities brings “his signature wisdom, wit, and warmth” (Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do) to this inspirational collection based on his bestselling Notes from the Universe trilogy, featuring a new foreword, introduction, and fresh, invaluable truths.

For the first time ever, the hugely popular Notes from the Universe trilogy is presented in one volume, making it even easier to share the love and wisdom of Mike Dooley’s Universe.

Since 2000, Mike Dooley has created empowering and positive affirmations to remind us that we have power over our lives and a say in our destiny. In order to bring about change, we must simply ask and show up. His insights can help you harness the metaphysical laws of the Universe so that you can be swept off your feet and carried along, as divine intelligence puts the right people in your path at just the right time. Soon you can find yourself living in a physical world that mirrors the life you thought could only exist in dreams.

Now, you can discover fresh and inspirational notes in this ultimate volume, spread goodwill, and bring happiness and hope to your everyday life.


Kim’s Review 5 Outstanding Stars!

After reading the introduction chapter I quickly learned about this author’s journey, and how the ‘daily messages’ started in the 90s. I also learned just how many people around the world subscribe.  I flicked through the messages, which are the actual messages sent out to subscribers to the service, and found them lovely, encouraging , comforting and motivational. I really enjoyed reading the feedback that receivers of the emails sent to the author. This is a very hard book to review  because of the content, it’s not fiction and there are no characters or story-line to get attached to. Just know that this is an outstanding idea, concept, and book from my reading experience as I flicked through. I found it so cool I signed up to the service.  I am extremely grateful to have received a copy, and to have learned all about this. I recommend anyone who enjoys affirmations, motivational quotes and ‘universe signs and messages’ to head over to the author’s site and sign up to get their daily email, and of course grab the book if you want them all. 5 outstanding stars, reading through this book today really was ‘divine timing’ I needed it! I needed the uplifting and that’s what I got.

Hot New Contemporary Romance by Audrey Beaudoin  + $15.00 Giveaway Gift Card!

The Aftermath of Drifting Away
Fate Book 1
by Audrey Beaudoin
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
We survived the plane crash.
We survived days on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Right when all hope to get rescued crumbled, we shared a kiss that left me heartbroken―my first and last kiss.
Or so I thought. Because we didn’t die.
My plan is to never see Chris Ross again. To keep hanging out with his sister without crossing his path. Getting my life back together and working on my goals are the only things that matter. I have plans, and they don’t include love.
But then he shows up at my workplace, asking for my friendship. When I learn something that changes everything, I’m determined to stay away and not let myself fall for him.
Too bad he’s persistent. Too bad I can’t stop thinking about the damn kiss. Too bad it’s nice having him around and being his friend.
If things were to change, they could get really complicated…
The Aftermath of Drifting Away is a sweet contemporary forbidden romance. It is the first book in the Fate series that can be read as a stand-alone.
Audrey Beaudoin is a YA and NA contemporary romance author from Canada. Being a French native speaker didn’t stop her from writing her first English story in 2017. She writes sweet romance novels, sometimes with a bit of action and suspense.
$15 Amazon giftcard, e-ARC of The Aftermath of Drifting Away – 1 winner each
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The worst part of knowing you’re about to die is being aware you haven’t lived. I have so much yet to accomplish. So much to learn. So much to change.

I wonder if anyone will miss me. If anyone will remember me even though I have no one back home who cares enough to keep me in their heart. I have myself, but I lost her, too, somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean.

My heavy eyelids lift, and like the lens of a camera, slowly find focus on Chris and Kate.

I have them.

We’ll die together.

Kate is sitting in front of me, her head bent and both arms clasped around her knees. She’s swinging to the rhythm of the waves, her eyes half open and empty of life.

Chris’s head rests against my shoulder. When I move my arm, greenish-brown eyes collide with mine. There’s no light in them anymore. Just exhaustion and acceptance.

We accepted our fate days ago. We’re all dead but breathing. At least they had hope when I didn’t. They believed in our chance of survival.

Now, I’m uncertain we believe in anything anymore.

We wait.

And wait.

Chris shuts his eyes, half-asleep. I don’t want to sleep. I don’t want to die.

I glance at his mouth with a sudden realization.

I’ve never kissed anyone.

I’ll never know what that feels like.

Dehydration gives me a crazy idea I wouldn’t in a million years have had in a normal context. I’m not sure what I’m about to do. My thoughts are a mess. I’m dying. I inch closer to Chris on the raft, peeking at Kate. Her eyes are closed.

I wait for her chest to rise. It does.

I graze Chris’ bare arm. He turns toward me with the speed of a sloth, blinking.

“You good?” he asks, his voice low, raspy.

It takes me a moment to find mine. When was the last time we’ve spoken to each other?

“I don’t think we will survive.”

Something awakes in his eyes. He moves his arm on the inflatable wall behind us, a look of sorrow on his face. “Faye…”

“Hear me out, please,” I croak, my voice breaking. When he nods, I lick my crusty lips and try to gather my thoughts. “I don’t want to die without knowing what it feels like.”

There’s a brief pause. “What are you talking about?”

I draw in a shaky breath. I make no sense. I don’t know how to ask this without sounding insane. But we’re drifting away, both literally and figuratively, and I don’t want to go without experiencing one of the simplest gestures of love.

I clear my dry throat and grab his arm. The skin is warm. Rough. Dry. I notice our proximity. This is now…or never.

“I’ve never kissed anyone,” I confess in a whisper.

My heart is pounding. I wait for a reaction, a reply, an emotion―anything. Chris’ gaze doesn’t waver from mine, but he remains quiet. I huff out a breath, lowering my head. “God, this is embarrassing. Forget what I said.”

One wave. Two waves. His fingers graze the skin underneath my chin. My eyes lift. Wonder and uncertainty entered his own. “Are you asking me to kiss you?”

My cheeks burn up, but I couldn’t care less anymore. “I suppose you didn’t expect that.”

“No.” Chris maintains eye contact with me, and then the tiniest, most reassuring smile forms on his lips. He nods firmly. “I’ll do it.”

My heart does a strange somersault. If someone ever told me I’d have to ask somebody to give me my first kiss, I would have dismissed that crazy statement. I’d tell them I’m not that desperate, that I can wait. I have my whole life ahead of me, right?

Not anymore.

I don’t care if it’s awkward or if I feel nothing at all. I want the last thing I do to be something good, even if it’s with somebody I don’t love. I want my last memory to be this.

My smile is timorous as his hands cup my cheeks. They feel rough against my skin. I turn my body, noticing how his expression has gone serious. My stomach knots with nervousness.

“A-are you sure you don’t mind?” I stutter.

This time, he smiles bigger. I don’t know why I like his smile so much. There is something beautiful about it that, if I had any hope left, would make me want to hold on.


Hot New Suspense/Thriller +$25.00 Giveaway from Author C.C Scharon

Blood Never Washes Out
by C.C. Scharon
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
A deathbed promise—a secret kept for decades…
Everything about DEA Agent Jake Castillo’s life is a lie and he doesn’t know it. Seeing two fellow agents killed right before his eyes has left him with PTSD and a thirst for revenge on the drug lord who murdered them. He vows to bring El Toro to justice.
When the enigmatic Gabriella abducts him, Jake wakes up a week later in his San Diego home with no memory of what happened. Convinced his kidnapping was not a random act, he ignores department policy and returns to Colombia to unravel the secrets of his past.
But can he live with the truth?
**On Sale for only $2.99 July 7 – 14!!**
A fan of dark and dangerous medieval Scotland, Connie C. Scharon published her first Scottish historical romance in June of 2013. The success of that book led to eight other romance novels, but Connie wanted to mix things up a little.
Her medical background gave her a desire to create stories that wove her hospital experiences, visits to the morgue, and tours of the forensic lab into crime-focused novels.
In 2020, writing as C. C. Scharon, she transitioned from her romance roots into mystery and suspense with the international thriller BLOOD NEVER WASHES OUT.
Connie is a life-long resident of Maryland. She belongs to multiple professional organizations, including Pennwriters, Romance Writers of American, and Maryland Writers Association.
$25 Amazon
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Hot New Romance Series by Heather Young-Nichols + $25.00 Giftcard Giveaway!

Courting Chaos Book 1
by Heather Young-Nichols
Genre: Rockstar Romance
A sexy drummer and a rock god’s daughter on tour together for the summer… what could possibly go wrong?
When Cross Rhodes from Courting Chaos mistakes me for a groupie and tries to kick me out of the venue, I remind myself that touring with my dad isn’t always easy. I don’t fall for rock stars—ever but Cross makes me want to break all the rules.
Summer fun crashes around me when I discover one of the openers prefers his women too young. Unfortunately for him, intimidation doesn’t keep me quiet.
Opening for Kissing Cinder is the break my band needs and none of us can mess this up. Then I try to remove a hot, sassy blonde from the venue and now I can’t get her off my mind. Indie’s off limits. The daughter of a man that can make or break us. What the hell am I thinking?
The only thing I know for sure is that I will protect Indie from my bass player at all costs.
Courting Chaos Book 2
Bellamy Harper needs an escape and becomes Ransom’s challenge.
My life has taken a hard turn. So, when my best friend asks me to join her on tour with her dad, I can’t say yes fast enough. I expected to be surrounded hot rock stars. But I never saw Ransom or our intense attraction coming. He’s impossible to ignore but given my crazy ex, I’m determined to keep my distance. That only works for about a minute before my former boyfriend shows up ready to reclaim what he says is his.
The stand-offish red head suddenly on the tour has me falling all over her and she’s everywhere I go since her best friend is dating mine. It takes a lot of hard work to break through Bellamy’s tough exterior and of course that’s the moment my ex-girlfriend decides to screw up my life. The media attention is too much for Bellamy and I can’t blame her. She has her own problems and didn’t ask for this.
With her psycho ex-boyfriend and my secret-keeping ex-girlfriend hindering any hope of a relationship, we’ll both have to confront our pasts if we want any chance at a future.
Courting Chaos Book 3
We come from opposite worlds and really shouldn’t work…
I’m used to sacrifice and hard work. Growing up in the foster system didn’t leave a lot of room for error. Then I land a job with one of the richest families in the state that might allow me to have the life I’ve been working so hard toward. When their son, Booker, comes home, I try so hard to keep things professional. Him being around make it impossible to ignore my feelings. But I work for his family… there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.
When I’m called home to see my sick mother, I sure didn’t expect to find a hot as hell nurse living in the house, taking care of my mother. Paige is smart, sassy, and unimpressed by my rock star status. But my growing feelings could get in the way of getting back out on the road to escape my tense relationship with Dad.
I need to cement my place with the band and Paige can’t screw up her career. Can we find a way to do both?
Courting Chaos Book 4
It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and he’s the one person who could derail it all.
Getting a job has been my focus since the moment I graduated from college. And maybe coming to terms with my less than amazing childhood. So, when a job opens up to be the personal assistant of Courting Chaos’ manager, I go for it. Too soon, Dixon begins worming his way into my heart, everything might come unraveled.
Being with him could cost me the job he needs and the life I’ve dreamed of.
Everyone in the band might be catching feelings but that’s not remotely on my radar. I’m perfectly happy living the rock star life as the guitarist for Courting Chaos. With all the drama around the guys, easy is safest. Until everything changes when a joke gets out of hand and I do something I immediately regret. Making amends for my own stupidity might turn into the best thing to ever happen to me.
Being with her might not be the smart choice and certainly isn’t the easy one. Yet here we are… falling.
Something Irish
Courting Chaos Book 5
A hot Irishman and a woman stuck in his country…
Maggie Dwyer and her mother are given a weeklong trip to Ireland when a last minute injury sidelines her grandma. It’s a chance to learn where she came from. When the trip comes to an end, Maggie is horrified to discover that her purse has disappeared. Her driver’s license and passport along with it. Even worse… She can’t leave Ireland with her mother.
Eagan O’Brien, the sexy pub owner Maggie’s been flirting with, steps in to help by offering his apartment to the damsel in distress. Maggie tries to flip her distress into her first successful one night stand.
But getting a replacement passport isn’t as easy as everyone thinks and Maggie stays for two more weeks.
Two more weeks of Eagan O’Brien.
Can Maggie turn that one night stand into something more or will luck not be one her side?
Heather Young-Nichols is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romances. A native of the great and often very cold state of Michigan, she is better known at home and to her friends as the Snarker-in-Chief. A job she excels at beyond anything she could have imagined. She loves many things, but especially cold coffee, hot books, and baseball. But not necessarily in that order.
$25 Amazon Gift Card, Cross notebook, Courting Chaos Keychain
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Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: ‘Urban King’ #10 Meet Debut Author, John Mozie #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter


Wait! It’s not over, Friday last week I thought I ran out of men for this month long promo. Nope, Urban King #10 from the male authors of colour popped up! Let’s get to know a bit about him and some fun facts. Looks like we’ve got another lovely Libra, and he has just published his debut novel.

  1. Star sign: Libra
  2. Fun facts: John is a story-teller and loves fantasy. Favourite movies range from the Bourne franchise to the Marvel Heroes like Thor, The Hulk and of course, Black Panther. John also loves African folklore and pulls a lot from there in writing this book. A keen cyclist and retired comic aficionado, John loves the lure of a good story. John is also a budding poet and is currently working on a collection of poems


Here’s John’s first novel he would like to share today….

john book

When 15-year-old Siyonna does a good turn for an elderly lady in the village, she receives a gift which turns out to be more than it seems. Back in the big city with her schoolfriends, any dangers which beset them are strangely defeated by Siyonna’s contact with the gift which only she knows about. Siyonna is the youngest of her large family and the last child remaining at home with her parents, in Lagos, Nigeria. When she visits her older sister in London, she meets some violent and dangerous criminals, bent on abducting her and her friends. They see the young girls as an easy target, until Siyonna’s gift brings them a fight no-one could have predicted. A wonderful adventure story, filled with unexpected twists and turns, of a young girl’s triumph of good over evil and her unique bond with the magical powers of a beautiful gift.

Wow! Now doesn’t that sound like a good action packed and interesting read? I’ve just bought a copy. At the time of writing it’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited and under $4.00 and just £2.99 for UK readers, check out  Amazon on the below links…




If you like folklore, action and adventure you may wish to give this Author’s Amazon page a follow. I am sure there will be many more books to come, please leave him a review if you check out his work, I’m sure he’d love it!

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day #16: Hobbies and Interests #DailyGratitudeChallenge

I’ve just read a really cool blog post by this blog I’ve been following Suzy Speaks. It’s day sixteen of her challenge she has set, for herself and her followers to write about a different topic they are grateful for and follow the  #DailyGratitudeChallenge. While it seems I’ve missed fifteen days of great topics, I’ll jump in today as hobbies and interests are something I’m deeply grateful for, in fact they kinda make me who I am.


Astrology and The Solar System:

I’m a qualified astrologer with a diploma in astrological studies. The study of the solar system from this science I’m  extremely grateful for, and my love of this subject. It started out while I was a teen, if you remember the shop Woolworths I stumbled across the annual astrology book for Aquarius, with a horoscope for each day of the year. I bought one ever year! Until Woolworths when into administration of course. The love of the stars, Moon, planet’s energies never left me. I ended up completing my studies about one or two years back.

Why am I so grateful for this science? Well, while many think this is ‘woo woo witchy esoteric stuff’ (and I would agree LOL), if helped me to understand me, life events, where I am going and even confirmed that, yes I am born to be a writer or working the journalistic field. Simply by a detailed study of my own birth chart, with my actual date and time of birth. Basically, astrology give me a lot of healing and direction in life. When I studied the chart of my son and other people, I was amazed at the accuracy I had from friends whose charts I read. I was able to confirm things about their life, or experiences I could not have known. In the case of my son, it also confirmed his approach and experiences with learning.

The study of the Universe will never leave me, I follow it closely and look at what’s happening in the world, and the planet’s energies. Overall, I am grateful as this skill I have learned has helped me to help others heal as well as myself, and it’s just a cool thing to say, ‘yeah I’m an astrologer’ LOL.



My Sewing Machine and Fashion Design:

My nanna died when I was fourteen, her name’s Lucinda. She never worked she had eleven children, she was a homemaker and my grandfather worked. She arrived in the UK  with my grandfather from the Caribbean islands, and basically looked after all the family. It’s her I owe my interest and skill with a sewing machine to. She loved to sew, and I later on at school I  picked the subject ‘textiles’, which is now what we call ‘fashion design’ all these years later, as an option for my GCSEs at school when I was fourteen. I gained a C grade, not bad. It was in this class I learned how to use a machine, sew and express myself creatively with fabrics and materials. I also really loved my teacher, she was Italian if I remember correctly and so funky with her dress sense.

Later on, I started to collect dress making patterns for clothes, got my own machine and just before I had my son I was obsessed with making dresses. (That I had to wait until I had him to wear, as I was pregnant) . It took a while, YouTube, buying books to understand the patterns, and learn the craft to a more advanced level but I did it! I’ve not made a dress in about six years, since he was born. But I have my dress stand, and I named her Lucinda after my nana. As I write this I  feel like I should really go fabric shopping and do something.

In London, there is a high street called Goldhawk Road if I remember correctly, that has shop after shop after shop of fabric stores! I remember spending a lot of time there, and money before I had him.

I am grateful for this interest and hobby as, it really gave  me something to smile about when I was in school. I  looked forward to the classes, later on in life it also gave me a great sense of patience, working with accuracy, and learning the art of how to create clothing from materials. I am also grateful for it as I was heavily pregnant in the summer months, which was no fun and found myself indoors a lot of the time. My sewing machine and this interest gave me a pass time when it was too hot for me to leave the house.



Civil Rights, Law, Politics

I just love this! I have an interest in all the above, I would not say it’s a hobby at all just an interest. That said, I am grateful for my interest in this area as it has allowed me to be able to make educated decisions, statements,  have opinions, and hold views on certain things that are backed up by rights and laws I am aware of, or have researched and can interpret.

I feel that this interest is probably something else that shapes me as a person, I won’t stand for anything that looks like it could be some kind of injustice, or breech of civil and human rights.  I am grateful for it as it has allowed me to be invested in causes such as women’s rights, human rights and the black lives matter movement.

Take a look at this cool daily gratitude challenge on Suzy Speaks and join in!