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Thunder erupted violently in a loud roar off in the distance. The sound was so ferocious that it shook the earth miles below. Surely, the Gods were beyond angry with man and they chose tonight to act out their vengeance. Nickel-sized raindrops pelted every surface, assaulting everything in its path, having no consideration for anything or anyone. He stood still, buried deep within his own thoughts as the raindrops pummeled against his body. His eyes transfixed on a sight only he could see. A vision, a place and time, only he remembered. Dirt Bag’s body was nearly frozen due to the cold, rain, and wind. Yet, he was oblivious to his present perils. He was lost in a self-made time capsule from hell. The gruesome acts that took place inside the house he watched would forever haunt his young mind. The images that would fester and give birth to a predator. Unresolved pain would breed and groom the predator into something that even the predators of the night feared.
An Apex Predator!

After staring for a long time, Dirt Bag blinked, and his vision focused on the present. The image of the outside of the house in front of him replaced the horrors being chained like a rabid animal and tortured like a prisoner of war. For the first time, Dirt Bag noticed the rain drops as they hit his goose-bumped riddled body. The wild wind bit his exposed flesh and only now did it register in his mind. Slowly, a smile formed and spread across his face. A sinister look formed in his eyes. Had someone walked by at that exact moment, that look would put the fear of God into them. They were the malevolent eyes of someone with a bloodlust. They were the eyes of the Devil. They were the eyes of Dirt Bag.

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