Author Spot Light: If It’s Meant To Be Love Should Not Hurt

This tale of forbidden love begins when Askari is released from the California’s Youth Authority after six long gruesome years. No day on earth has been better than today…. His eighteenth birthday. Not only is he free but he is off all paperwork which means no probation. Not only this, but he has the finest cougar in California on his team. Her name is Anastasia. Life isn’t all lovey-dovey for all though.
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Dickerson, Anastasia’s ex-husband gives new meaning to stalking. High tech spying and harassment is only the beginning. When his stalking leads to the attempted murder of Anastasia after Deputy Dickerson violently, physically, and sexually assaults her.
Revenge lands young Askari in jail fighting for his life and his freedom when he nearly kills Deputy Dickerson in public.
The couples love will constantly be tested as Anastasia fights for her life in a hospital while Askari fights for his.
All the while Deputy Dickerson who eluded custody is a fugitive running free. No longer is he out to win his wife back, he’s out for blood as he continues to stalk Anastasia.
The young couple learns firsthand that Love Is Not Supposed To Hurt…..If It’s Meant To Be

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